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Video: Muhammad Ali tribute from HBO Sports

The sports world lost a true giant last week after one of the greatest boxers to ever step inside the ring, Muhammad Ali, died after suffering septic shock "due to unspecified natural causes" following his battle with respiratory issues.

Ali had been battling Parkinson's disease for over 30 years.

Every pro athlete -- MMA stars included -- entertainer and average Joe took to various forms of social media to pay their respects and share stories with the athlete-turned cultural Icon.

HBO Sports -- a network rich in boxing culture -- released a touching tribute video remembering the life and legendary career of the pugilist formerly known as Cassius Clay.

From his humble upbringings, to his run at the Olympics, to his rise up the boxing world as well as his unforgettable stances on many political and social issues, actor Liev Schreiber takes you on a goosebumps-inducing and unforgettable trip down memory lane recalling many of Ali's greatest moments and accomplishments.

And it's easy to see why Ali transcended the world of sports to become one of the biggest icons the world has ever seen.

"Rumble young man, rumble."

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