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Camping World Truck Series fight video, with UFC play-by-play from Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian

I've never heard of the Camping World Truck Series, probably because I'm a filthy Yank, but I was really disappointed to learn it did not involve vacation campers on a demolition derby course.

Can we please make that happen?

Anyway, a bunch of speedy little pick-ups were driving around a dirt circle amid cheers and boos from beer-chugging hayseeds until Spencer Gallagher and John Wes Towny got a little too close for comfort and caused themselves a fender bender.

That led to some road rage, along with a (cough) "fight" that left a lot to be desired.

Unfortunately, it didn't improve with UFC on FOX analysts Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian dubbing in play-by-play, sort of like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but I was a bit relieved to see both drivers emerge unscathed -- if for no other reason than to avoid those mainstream NASCAR DRIVER INJURED IN UFC-STYLE FIGHT headlines.

That is all.

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