GFL Preview: Top 5 fights to watch on Go Fight Live this weekend

Gregor "The Gift" Gillespie is looking to offer his opponent a gift this Friday as he walks into Atlantic City with an impressive record of 6-0 and the Lightweight Championship belt.

The New York native has been tearing through Ring of Combat competition as if he's carrying some sort of personal vendetta. Gillespie attitude alone can only guarantee that the folks in attendance in Atlantic City are in store for quite the treat. is where you can catch all the action this weekend with a simple click of a button.

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Remember folks; Ring of Combat isn't the only action going on this weekend. So without further ado, let's take a look at the top five fights to watch on GFL this week.

5. Gregor "The Gift" Gillespie vs. Sidney "Da Gun" Outlaw- Ring of Combat

The main event scheduled for this event will be a battle of not only strengths, but wits as well.

The wily Sidney Outlaw is looking to finally place an L in the column of Gillespie. Outlaw has spent time honing his skills under the tutelage of the Gracie training facility in Pennsylvania. The 5-2 fighter has the chance to finally put Gillespie in his place, all while gloating with the Lightweight title around his waist.

On the other hand, Gillespie's record alone isn't something to be scoffed at. In his last four bouts, Gillespie defeated three opponents in the first round via submission and one was a knockout. If that's not terrifying then I'm completely lost.

Who will walk out as the ROC Lightweight champion? Tune in and find out.

4. Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez vs. Tanner "The Bulldozer" Boser- Unified MMA 27

Folks this has the makings of either being a one-sided fight or an upset of huge proportions.

The UMMA Heavyweight kingpin Tony Lopez is walking into the cage with an incredible record of 42-22. Lopez is an opponent whose mug alone could intimidate even the strongest of foes. The man isn't looking to easily relinquish the title without a fight, which his opponent better be ready for.

Tanner Boser is clearly the underdog in this match. In most matches a record of 9-2 would receive praises from the most high, but in this case it only shows the glaring differences in experience. Boser has the fountain of youth in his corner due to the 20-year difference in age between the two, but he will need a lot more than that to unseat the defending champion.

Will Boser have the kryptonite to defeat Lopez?

3. Clark Wright vs. Ryan Parker- Spartyka Fight League 24

The match up is definitely unique that's for sure.

57-year-old Clark Wright is walking into Norfolk, VA showing no signs of slowing down. Most guys his age are looking into retirement, but Wright is looking to show these young fighters that he still has something left in the tank. Wright has his eyes set on the vacant SFL Light Heavyweight title.

Ryan Parker may have the advantage in this bout; With a record of 6-1 and the 30 year age difference working for him, Parker can set the tone this weekend if he plays his cards right. This young fighter looks hungry and ready to make a statement.

The SFL Light Heavyweight title is on the line. These two fighters are determined to make a grab for the crown.

2. Dennis Dombrow vs. Matt Hemry - Hoosier Fight Club

The Flyweight division is about to witness a shake up!

HFC is offering fans quite the extravaganza this weekend. In the co-main event we have two starving talents in Dennis Dombrow vs. Matt Hemry who are looking to differentiate their selves from the pack.

This match up went down in HFC last month, but it ended in no contest disqualification. Now the rematch is set, and you can expect fireworks.

With Dombrow losing his last two bouts, you can be sure he is looking to bounce back. And what better to do so then to take out the man who's been a pain in your backside for quite some time.

Prior to the no contest with Dombrow, Hemry has been on a roll, winning two of his matches via submission. Hemry is walking into the cage with a 6-2 record salivating at the chance to add another W to his column along with some new hardware, which is the Flyweight title.

It's now or never for these two fighters. Time to put up or shut up!

1. Arnold Adams vs. Dontales Mayes- Hoosier Fight Club

The main event has finally arrived!

HFC is spoiling their fans rotten this weekend with this title tilt. Arnold Adams vs. Dontales Mayes has the backings of also being either a one-sided match or an upset of huge proportions.

Hoosier FC Heavyweight Champion Adams has been on a tear where his last three bouts ended in KO's. Adams, with a tremendous frame, can be rather aggressive and tiresome when being dealt with in the cage. Any challenger who steps in between him and his title has just signed their death wish.

Dontales Mayes is rather green for this matchup against Adams, but is a major prospect. With only one victory under his name, it's shocking to see Mayes shoot up so quick in the ranks to obtain an opportunity such as this coming his way. If Mayes is able to pull an upset over Adams this weekend, HFC Heavyweight division will never be the same.

What will be the fate of HFC Heavyweight division? Be sure to tune in and find out.

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