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Court documents reveal UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer is a 'violent' and 'deadly' MMA gladiator

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Octagon girl by day. Deadly mixed martial arts (MMA) gladiator by night.

That's the secret life of lifelong artist and part-time card carrier Brittney Palmer, who is currently embroiled in an ugly lawsuit with her husband, Aaron Zalewski. Yes, the same husband who was arrested for attempted murder back in 2015, only to have the charges dropped.

Bloody Elbow details his cross complaint from her ongoing civil suit:

The cross-complaint describes Palmer's alleged physical abilities as someone "highly trained, skilled and experienced in mixed martial arts." She was purportedly fortunate enough to be in a position to acquire the "world class, deadly skills taught in MMA" thanks to her role as an international spokesperson for the UFC.

According to Zalewski, Palmer on many occasions became extremely violent and engaged in verbal and physical attacks on Zalewski who "was and now is unable to defend himself against such physical and verbal abuses...has never once received martial arts training of any kind...has never once been engaged in a physical altercation with any other person...has never once thrown a punch, kick, slap or any other kind of strike against another person in his lifetime."

That poor fella, terrorized by a 5'6" model who weighs 120 pounds soaking wet.

While her complaint didn't pan out in criminal court, Palmer slapped Zalewski with a $1 million civil suit back in April (more on that mess here). The allegations include physical and mental abuse, loss of earnings, and a Bentley automobile gone missing.

Love stinks (yeah yeah).