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Bellator 157 results: LIVE 'Dynamite 2' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 157: "Dynamite 2" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., June 24, 2016) from inside Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo., featuring the return of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson to face Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii in the main event.

Bellator will also crown a new Lightweight world champion in the Spike TV-televised co-main event, as former champion Michael Chandler goes to war (again) with fellow long-time Bellator veteran Patricky "Pitbull" Freire.

Bellator 157 will start tonight on Spike TV at 8 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 157) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!

Quinton Jackson vs. Satoshi Ishii -- Jackson via SD 29-28, 28-29, 30-27.
Michael Chandler vs. Patricky Freire -- Chandler via KO 2:14 R1.
Matt Mitrione vs. Carl Seumanutafa -- Mitrione via KO 3:22 R1.
Kevin Ross vs. Justin Houghton -- Ross via UD 29-28 X2, 30-27.
Joe Schilling vs. Hisaki Kato -- Kato via KO 2:59 R2.
Raymond Daniels vs. Stefano Bruno -- Daniels via TKO 1:45 R1.
Keri Melendez vs. Sarah Howell -- Melendez via UD 30-27 X3.
Denise Kielholtz vs. Gloria Peritore -- Peritore via SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Ilima-Lei Macfarlane vs. Rebecca Ruth -- Macfarlane via sub (RNC) 3:00 R2.
Justin Lawrence vs. Isao Kobayashi -- Lawrence via KO 2:11 R2.
Guilherme Vasconcelos vs. Jordan Dowdy -- Vasconcelos via sub (RNC) 4:59 R1.
Kevin Engel vs. Chel Erwin-Davis -- Erwin Davis via sub (RNC) 1:19 R2.
Matt Murphy vs. Justin Robbins -- Murphy via TKO (doctor) 2:16 R2.
Joaquin Buckley vs. Chris Heatherly -- Buckley via KO 4:14 R2.
Michelle Pearce vs. Katy Collins -- Collins via sub (armbar) 0:48 R1.
Brad Jones vs. Tyler Claussen -- Jones via KO 0:26 R1.
Jason Christeson vs. Dewayne Diggs -- Diggs via sub (RNC).
Lee Burns vs. Byron Stevens -- Stevens via TKO 4:46 R2.
Steven Mann vs. Mike Estus -- Mann via TKO 0:25 R1.
Rashard Lovelace vs. Garret Mueller -- Lovelace via TKO (doctor) 5:00 R2.
Nikki Smith vs. Ashley Cummins -- Cummins via sub (knee choke) 1:33 R2.
Elmir Kulosman vs. Darryl Cobb -- Cobb via TKO 2:28 R2.
Tara Walker vs. Mimi Kutzin -- Walker via UD 29-28 X3.


Quinton Jackson vs. Satoshi Ishii

Ishii enters to the theme music from the "Chrono Cross" video game wearing white trunks and blue gloves for tonight's main event. Jackson enters with his trademark chain link swinging back and forth around his neck, sporting red gloves and black trunks for this fight. 14-5 to 36-11, 29 to 38, 5'11" to 6'1" and 73.5" to 73" reach from Ishii to Jackson. Ishii fights out of Holland, The Netherlands by way of Japan. Jackson fights out of Huntington Beach, California by way of Memphis, Tennessee. Our referee in charge of this fight is Mike England.

Round 1: The bell sounds and Jackson charges forward. Ishii circles on the outside. Jackson drops his hands twice like he's frustrated and not even 30 seconds have gone by. Jackson drops his hands again at 50 seconds. It's for show though because it's not like Jackson is bull rushing toward Ishii -- it's his responsibility to make a fight of it too. They tie up at 1:30 and Ishii pushes him into the fence and gets an inside trip at 1:45. Jackson's corner is screaming that England needs to stand them up because Ishii is holding and not doing anything. England calls for more work. Ishii sits in half guard and gets off an occasional left hand then jumps to side control at 3:00. Ishii goes for a kimura at 3:35 and lets it go. Jackson is back up at 3:45. Ishii leg trips him to the ground again. He backs up and tries to throw a diving left hand that misses the mark. Ishii moves to side control and is hunting for an arm again. Jackson pushes off the fence with his feet and gets up with 20 seconds left. 10-9 Ishii.

Round 2: Ishii follows the same strategy as R1 circling on the outside for the first forty seconds. He goes for the trip and doesn't get it so Jackson goes for a takedown of his own. Ishii responds by throwing him to the ground at 1:05 right into side control. Jackson is warned about hooking his toes in the fence. Ishii is warned about shots to the back of the head. Ishii has North-South as the crowd boos. Jackson gets up at 2:06. Ishii fires off knees with Jackson's back to the fence and he responds in kind. Ishii looks for a takedown as Jackson moves sideways on the cage looking to free up his arms and throw uppercuts. England issues a warning to stay busy at 4:30. Jackson got in a few good shots but it's hard to say if that was enough to win him the round when Ishii was applying pressure the whole time.

Round 3: Jackson is in stalking mode, coming forward with his right hand cocked, but he dropped both hands at 33 seconds when he's frustrated by Ishii circling away. He does it again at the one minute mark. He tries to land the big right but Ishii closes the distance before he can and pushes Jackson into the fence. Jackson is landing some knees but his back is to the wall. Ishii digs hard for a single leg but Jackson breaks out at 2:09 and is coming forward seconds later. Ishii tries to go for an outside trip but Jackson lands on top in full guard. England warns him to stay busy and he takes the advice and throws a right hand before Ishii ties him up. Ishii tries to push off and sweep but Jackson gets back to guard. Ishii scoots backward as Jackson tries to land the kill shoot. Jackson lands a shot and stands up at 4:10 looking for more, which lets Ishii up as a result, and Jackson considers a double but Ishii turns him into the fence and looks for his own takedown. He can't get it before the bell and it's going to the judges.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Jackson, 29-28 Ishii, 30-27 for Jackson by split decision.


Michael Chandler vs. Patricky Freire

"Pitbull" Freire is in the yellow trunks tonight sporting a record of 16-7 for the co-main event. Chandler sports the black trunks and a 14-3 record as the hometown favorite tonight in St. Louis. Freire has a 2 inch reach advantage at 71" to 69" but will it be enough to beat a former champion and claim the vacant title in his first title fight? He fights out of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Chandler fights out of Boca Raton, FL and hails from High Ride, Missouri. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: The two men circle and cautiously feel out the range. Chandler shoots for a single leg but Freire gets out of it at 1:12. Chandler is trying to back Freire toward the fence inch by inch and DECKS HIM WITH A RIGHT AT 2:14 TO WIN THE TITLE, doing a series of back flips to celebrate.

Final result: Michael Chandler wins the title by knockout at 2:14 of round one.


Matt Mitrione vs. Carl Seumanutafa

Seumanutafa is out first in the blue gloves, black trunks and bushy beard. This is followed by a video package for Mitrione where he declares himself "the best heavyweight in the world" and as he promised in the video he comes out to "Simple Man." He's wearing red trunks and red gloves for the fight. Seumanutafa is 10-6 and Mitrione is 9-5. Seamanutafa fights out of San Francisco, CA and Mitrione fights out of Indianapolis, IN. Our referee is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Seaumanutafa takes the center and throws the first kick. Mitrione is dancing on his feet and throwing right hands but he gets dropped by a Seaumanutafaright and the Samoan jumps on his back looking for a finish. Mitrione scrambles and winds up on top in full guard. Mitrione passes to half as McCarthy calls for more work. Seaumanutafa has a right arm around his neck and isn't letting go. Mitrione throws rabbit punches with his left hand trying to soften his opponent up. Seaumanutafa scrambles at 3:02 and Mitrione stands up looking to come over the top with a right hand - and it CONNECTS FLUSH. McCarthy waves it off at 3:22 after Mitrione walks away.

Final result: Matt Mitrione via knockout at 3:22 of the first round.


Ilima-Lei Macfarlane vs. Rebecca Ruth

Macfarlane is 3-0, Ruth is 6-1. Macfarlane has on red trunks and a black shirt and fights out of San Diego by way of Honolulu, Hawaii. Ruth has on red trunks and gloves and fights out of Pacific, Missouri. Our referee is Mike England.

Round 1: Ruth is circling, throwing jabs, stomping her feet and trying to make Macfarlane guess wrong. Macfarlane tires of it and rushes in for a takedown, driving across the cage to get it at 44 seconds, taking the back when Ruth gets back up. Macfarlane can't get the hook in and Ruth moves backward toward the fence looking to break Macfarlane's grip. They break clean at 1:48. Ruth keeps pawing at the range with her left hand. Macfarlane ducks under for a single leg and Ruth tries to soften her up with elbows to the head. Ruth widens her stance as Macfarlane digs in. Macfarlane gets the takedown at 3:05 and this time Ruth doesn't pop right back up. She butt scoots her way to the fence and stands at 3:48. Macfarlane has control of her neck but lets go to look for another takedown. 10-9 Macfarlane.

Round 2: Ruth is still chasing a big shot and that costs her as she's taken down 15 seconds into R2 and this time Macfarlane quickly has both hooks in and is going for a rear naked choke. England is looking closely to see if Ruth is out. Ruth's face is turning bright purple. She looks like a grape for about 10 seconds but the color comes back to her face as she turns her head to escape. Macfarlane is still on her back with the hooks in though and she's going for the RNC a second time. Once again Ruth survives the assault. Macfarlane drills her with right hands to the head. Ruth stands back up and Macfarlane goes for the choke a third time. She taps before she goes out (barely) at 3:00.

Final result: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:00 of round two.


Joe Schilling vs. Hisaki Kato

Kato comes out first in the white trunks and blue gloves to an "Imperial Death March" remix. Schilling sports the black trunks and red gloves. Kato's MMA record is 6-2 but his kickboxing record is 0-0. He hails from Nagoya, Japan. Schilling's kickboxing record is 19-8 and he fights out of Los Angeles, California. Our referee for this set of three minute rounds is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Schilling is super aggressive at the start but Kato briefly pins him against the ropes and fires some big shots of his own. Schilling resets and throws some heavy leg kicks and a big left, then a big kick to the body. Schilling keeps ripping the kicks and lands another right. Rope break by McCarthy at 1:45. Kato pins Schilling against the ropes landing lefts. He gets free and throws bombs. Another break at 2:10. Schilling with a right to the body and a push kick. Schilling flies in with a knee but McCarthy moves them out of the corner. Another big body blow by Schilling before the round ends.

Round 2: Neither man is slowing down in the second round. Kato is getting in good lefts and Schilling is getting in good rights. Schilling hurts him with a knee to the body before McCarthy backs them out of the corner. Schilling continues to push forward and lands some big knees before McCarthy forces the reset. Schilling hurts Kato with a right hand and he's head hunting. Kato is backing up and covering up. More knees in the corner before a reset at 2:08. Kato is trying to duck under the shots and survive. Leg kick by Schlling. Kato DRILLS Schilling right before the bell with a spinning backfist and John McCarthy waves it off as Schilling is a mess on the canvas. It's over!!

Final result: Hisaki Kato wins by knockout (spinning backfist) at 2:59 of the second round.


Raymond Daniels vs. Stefano Bruno

Bruno is in the blue trunks and gloves, a record of 23-2-1, hailing from Genoa, Italy. Daniels is in the white trunks and red gloves, a record of 28-3, hailing from City of Orange, California. Our referee is Mike Bell.

Round 1: Daniels is spinning and flying around the ring from the start. Bruno gets knocked backward but it's ruled a slip and not a knockdown. Daniels is like the Michael "Venom" Page of Bellator Kickboxing. Bell breaks a clinch at 1:39 and Bruno is doubled over by a spinning heel kick to the liver and Bruno is too hurt to continue. Bell waves it off.

Final result: Raymond Daniels by first round TKO at 1:45


Keri Melendez vs. Sarah Howell

Howell is 0-0 and fights out of Pasco, Washington. Melendez is 3-1 and fights out of San Francisco, California. Our referee is Marc Wasem.

Round 1: Both fighters are wearing black trunks and top but Howell has the blue gloves and Melendez the red. Melendez with a solid body kick at 45 seconds and a chopping left after. Howell's only strategy is to push forward and try to get too close to get hit and that's not working as she eats another big left. Melendez stings her with a big right hand. Almost everything Melendez does works. Almost nothing Howell tries does except the occasional kick. If Melendez keeps landing the left hook and overhand right this could be over before R3.

Round 2: Melendez continues to fire off her hands and kicks effectively before landing a nice knee. Melendez lands a right hand. Howell lands a kick. Melendez lands a harder one and then a body shot with some starch. Howell is having problems standing. Melendez has to see a bullseye on that lead left leg now and she keeps targeting it. She's chopping like a lumberjack on a log. Howell is game but she's being blown out in each frame.

Round 3: Melendez decks Howell with an overhand right at 14 seconds. Before 30 seconds she's landed four of those total. Her shots to the body make ME wince. If Howell lasts to the finish I'll be incredibly impressed by her guts and resilience. Every combo works. Howell's entire offense is defense at this point. Left hook by Melendez. The commentators are openly calling for Melendez to sit down on her punches and finish this. Big left hook at 2:15. It's not like Melendez isn't trying -- Howell just refuses to die. Another big left hook at 2:45. Howell tries a desperate exchange to end the fight and eats one last right at the bell. This should be a wipeout for Melendez.

Final result: The judges all score it 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision Keri Melendez


Justin Lawrence vs. Isao Kobayashi

Round 1: Kobayashi is in the black with blue gloves, Lawrence is in the black trunks with red gloves. John McCarthy is our referee. Kobayashi is 18-3-4, Lawrence is 8-3 - the other stats are similar. Lawrence lands a nice kick to the body as Kobayashi is backing up. Lawrence is the pressure fighter so far. Kobayashi is trying and failing to back Lawrence off with leg kicks. Another body kick lands with a thud at 1:15. Kobayashi shoots and can't get the takedown. The Justin Robbins fight continues behind this one as the camera circles around. Lawrence throws a big head kick but Kobayashi is either able to check or it wasn't on target - hard to tell from the overhead camera angle. Lawrence is landing combos  and hurting Kobayashi. Another body kick at 3:55 momentarily drops Kobayashi to his knees. The other fight just ended by TKO, but this one is going to the second round. 10-9 Lawrence.

Round 2: Kobayashi is trying to change his fortunes with a takedown but he can't get Lawrence off his feet. Lawrence continues to push Kobayashi backward toward the fence, changing up his stance periodically to keep his foe guessing. Another hard body kick by Lawrence. Lawrence rocks Kobayashi with a shot and it's stopped about 15 seconds later. A good left set it up but it was the right that floored Kobayashi and led Lawrence to pound it out on the ground.

Final result: Justin Lawrence wins by knockout at 2:11 of the second round.


Kevin Ross vs. Justin Houghton

Houghton comes out in the red trunks to "Country Boys Can Survive." His opponent "The Soul Assassin" sports black trunks and a legendary record of championships in kickboxing. This will be three rounds of three minutes each. Houghton is 6-3 out of Denver, CO. Ross is 26-6 out of Dublin, CA. Our referee is Mike Bell.

Round 1: Ross starts the fight with leg kicks and then goes upstairs with a right hand. He seems unimpressed with Houghton, spinning him around and landing another right hand and a big kick. Ross continues to step forward throwing combos. Houghton hasn't been knocked down though and is responding with some nice counter shots. I'm surprised he didn't stumble from a Ross combo at 2:05. Another big right by Ross at 2:41. Houghton with a couple of kicks to finish the round.

Round 2: Houghton is coming forward aggressively trying to change his fortunes this round. Ross throws some really nice high kicks that dig right into the ribs underneath Houghton's left shoulder. Houghton charges in and eats a left. He's throwing some good jabs though. Push kick from Ross. Kick to the face by Ross. Overhand right by Ross. Leg kick by Ross. You might get the idea the majority of the offense comes from Ross. You'd be right. He creams Houghton with a left hook but he stays upright. Houghton's left leg is bruised up and his body has to be as well.

Round 3: Houghton goes down on a trip 10 seconds into the round. I've got him down 20-18 in this fight. Ross continues to punish the lead leg with kicks. Houghton throws a combo and eats a kick to the face. Body shot by Ross. Left hook from Ross. Ross backs Houghton into the corner momentarily and lands another left hook. High kick from Ross. Ross is clearly looking for a finish now. Houghton acts like he got a knee to the groin, the ref doesn't stop it, Ross continues to fight and then the ref finally checks on him. Ross gets no warning and the fight continues. Ross knocks him down with ten seconds left for a mandatory 8 count and the round ends after the restart.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 X2 and 30-27 all for Kevin Ross.


Denise Kielholtz vs. Gloria Peritore

Round 1: Peritore is 12-3-1 in the green trunks and blue gloves. Kielholtz is 43-2 in the black trunks and red gloves. Our referee in charge is Marc Wasem. We're scheduled for three kickboxing rounds of three minutes apiece. Kielholtz slips 30 seconds in and it's not ruled a knockdown. The women trade big kicks. Kielholtz is the aggressor but keeps getting separated when they clinch up. Peritore is light on her feet as she bounces around. Kielholtz takes her down and the ref stands them up. Kielholtz backs her up to the ropes again throwing kicks and punches. Peritore tries a spinning back kick. Neither woman is backing down and they're both trying to land a kill shot. R1 ends with a clinch.

Round 2: Despite the obvious experience advantage of her opponent Peritore is holding her ground so far. A clinch is broken at 48 seconds. The bigger gloves they are wearing are deceptive - shots sound and look bigger than they might actually be. Another clinch is broken at 1:30 after a good combo by Kielholtz. Kielholtz lands some right hands and leg kicks as she has Peritore backpedaling. Kielholtz is hard to read. She seems to move slowly with her feet and really quickly with her hands. I feel like she had Peritore in a bit of trouble at the end of this round.

Round 3: Peritore circles to open the third round but gets caught with a few good shots. She lands a push kick and then backs off. Peritore has a little blood coming from her nose. Kielholtz throws a nasty push kick. Kielholtz takes a couple of big kicks to the face and goes to one knee either slipping or because she got hurt. I didn't see Wasem signal a knockdown though. There's a rope break at 1:40. Kielholtz knocks Peritore off her feet with a hard leg kick that wasn't ruled an illegal sweep - she just caught Peritore off balance. Kielholtz continues to throw the low leg kicks after flurries up top. A clinch is broken right before the final bell. We await the scorecards.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Kielholtz, 29-28 Peritore, 29-28 for Peritore by split decision.


Guilherme Vasconcelos vs. Jordan Dowdy

Round 1: Shown only in highlight form after the Kutzin vs. Walker kickboxing fight. Vasconcelos got a rear naked choke in the first round to tap Dowdy out.

Final result: Guilherme Vasconcelos wins via sub (rear naked choke) at 4:59 of the first round.


Kevin Engel vs. Chel Erwin-Davis

Round 1: This one is joined in progress after highlights of the Cobb fight.

Round 2: Engel gets rocked early by a head kick in R2 and Erwin-Davis gets on top in guard against the fence. He jumps to take the back and chokes Engel out with a RNC quickly with only one hook in.

Final result: Chel Ewin-Davis via submission (RNC) at 1:19 of the second round.


Matt Murphy vs. Justin Robbins

We join this fight in progress after the end of Lovelace vs. Mueller. Robbins gets a takedown so this clearly isn't a kickboxing fight even though it's in that particular ring. That's all we get to see as we switch to Lawrence and Kobayashi for their prelim fight. Murphy finishes the fight in R2 after hurting Robbins with a shot to the eye that made the doctor wave it off.

Final result: Matt Murphy by TKO at 2:16 of the second round.


Joaquin Buckley vs. Chris Heatherly

Round 1: Buckley is in the black trunks. Heatherly is in the gray trunks. John McCarthy is our ref. Heatherly is 9-3, Buckley is 5-0. Heatherly was significantly heavier at weigh in - over 179 pounds. Heatherly throws a head kick early. Buckley gets a takedown but Heatherly gets back up. Heatherly lands a knee and Buckley pushes him into the fence. The bell sounds 1:52 into this fight so another kickboxing ring bout is going on during this one. Buckley gets another takedown and Heatherly gets up at 2:19. They break off the fence at 2:58. Heatherly gets rocked by a left right combo with under a minute to go, and he shoots for the legs to save himself. Buckley turns him around against the fence and trips him to the ground. Heatherly survives but Buckley wins the first round handily.

Round 2: Buckley hurts Heatherly with a kick ten seconds into R2. He's looking for an outside trip against the fence then hurts Heatherly with a knee at 50 seconds. Buckley is resetting instead of swarming for the finish. Heatherly tries to throw a high kick but doesn't seem to have his wind under him. Buckley lands a kick to the chin and one to the legs. Buckley pushes him into the fence again and gets another outside leg trip at 1:57. He abandons side control, jumps to Heatherly's back, and Heatherly turtles up as Buckley throws big left hands. Buckley lets him up and hurts him with knees and now he smells blood and is giving chase. Spinning heel kick hits the back of the head and Heatherly shoots for a single leg to save himself. Buckley is warned about the 12 to 6 elbow as he hammers on Heatherly during this desperation single. Heatherly is warned to "do something." It sounds like the fight in the other ring just ended and Cobb was the winner but we'll find out momentarily since McCarthy waves this fight off with under a minute in R2.

Final result: Joaquin Buckley wins by KO at 4:14 of the second round.


Michelle Pearce vs. Katy Collins

Round 1: Not aired before Spike TV.

Final result: Collins defeats Pearce by armbar at 0:48 of the first round.


Brad Jones vs. Tyler Claussen

Round 1: Jones has the big beard and the red gloves and knock out power in his leg - he ends it with a head kick 25 seconds into the fight.

Final result: Jones via knockout 25 seconds into round one.


Jason Christeson vs. Dewayne Diggs

Round 1: Not aired before Spike TV.

Final result: Diggs beats Christeson via rear naked choke in the first round.


Lee Burns vs. Byron Stevens

Round 1: Not aired before Spike TV.

Final result: Stevens defeats Burns via technical knockout at 4:46 of the second round.


Steven Mann vs. Mike Estus

Round 1: Took place simultaneously to Lovelace vs. Mueller and shown in highlight form between rounds of that fight. It looks like Mann overwhelmed him from the opening bell.

Final result: Steven Mann wins via TKO at 0:25 of round one.


Rashard Lovelace vs. Garret Mueller

Round 1: Muller is in the black Venum trunks. Lovelace is in the trunks with red trim. Marc Wasem is our referee. Mueller is 2-1, Lovelace is 3-0, the rest of their stats are virtually identical. Mueller pushes Lovelace into the fence but is shoved away. There appears to be a Bellator Kickboxing fight going on behind us at the same time -- not sure which one. Mueller drops for a double and Lovelace spreads his stance. Mueller finally gets a pure strength throw at 1:21 and is on top in full guard. He passes to half briefly but Lovelace regains the guard quickly. It sounds like the other fight just ended by TKO quickly. Lovelace is trying to push off the fence with his feet but Mueller passes to side control at 3:21. Lovelace gets back up 14 seconds later when Mueller rides up too high. Both men are standing and banging but Mueller gets a single leg to get it back to the ground. 10-9 Mueller.

Round 2: This time it's Lovelace who gets the takedown 53 seconds into the round. Mueller goes for an inverted triangle, doesn't have it on the first attempt, but he gets a better lock on it with the second attempt. Lovelace is out at 1:40 and he's landing some nasty rights and elbows. He moves to side control and could be looking for an arm. He lets it go and Mueller goes for a leg, but Lovelace gets top again throwing more heavy leather. Mueller keeps rolling trying to escape but he's being warned by Wasem to defend himself. Another kickboxing fight has just started with about two minutes left in this round. Lovelace moves to side control again with a minute left and lets go of a kimura to take a full mount instead. Lovelace goes for a submission and opens himself up to a toe hold but Mueller can't tap him and R2 ends. 10-9 Lovelace. Mueller can't get off the stool for round three and the fight is over.

Final result: Rashard Lovelace wins via TKO (doctor's stoppage) at 5:00 of the second round.


Nikki Smith vs. Ashley Cummins

Round 1: Not aired before Spike TV.

Final result: Cummins defeats Smith via submission (knee choke) at 1:33 of the second round.


Elmir Kulosman vs. Darryl Cobb

Round 1: This fight is only shown in highlight form after the Brad Jones win.

Final result: Darryl Cobb via TKO at 2:28 in the second round.


Tara Walker vs. Mimi Kutzin

Round 1: This fight will be three two minute rounds at 129 pounds in kickboxing. Mike England is the referee. Kutzin is 3-2, Walker is 4-2-1. Kutzin is in the yellow trunks, Walker is in the white. Another Bellator MMA fight gets underway while we're watching this one on the stream. Walked stumbles early but it doesn't count as a knockdown. The right Kutzin lands at 1:49 definitely is. Kutzin wins that round.

Round 2: Both fighters are definitely using their hands more than their feet in this bout. Walker lands a couple of good right hands but Kutzin is staying right there in the pocket with her. England stops them momentarily and creates a little distance. Walker throws a good push kick. Kutzin eats a leg kick as she backs up. She might be the whitest fighter you see tonight - between her skin and hair she looks like a ghost out there. Walker wins R2.

Round 3: Walker is using kicks more effectively as the fight wears on, and her punches are turning Kutzin's white face red. She's still hammering away though and not backing down at all. The MMA fight going on in the background just ended although I couldn't hear who Michael Williams said won. Kutzin with a good high kick late and Walker with one last combo before the bell. The judges will decide this one.

Final result: The judges scored this fight 29-28 X3 all for Walker by unanimous decision


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