GFL Preview: Top 5 Fights to Watch on Go Fight Live this weekend

Brieta "Tank Girl" Carpenter will be anything but friendly as she walks into Las Vegas with her impressive record of 7-2 and the Bantamweight title on the line.

The Sacramento native's run has been nothing short of incredible, only losing her last fight about a year ago. What better way to represent the TUFF-N-UFF promotion then to have Carpenter become the next Bantamweight champion. is where you can catch all the action this weekend with a simple click of a button.

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Remember folks; TUFF-N-UFF isn't the only action going on this weekend. So without further ado, let's take a look at the top five fights to watch on GFL this week.

5. Brieta "The Tank" Carpenter vs. Serena "The Southpaw Outlaw" DeJesus- TUFF-N-UFF: Pack the Mack

The main event scheduled for this event will test both the endurance and mental fortitude of both contestants.

The grimacing Serena DeJesus has been on a tear, currently holding an undefeated record of 4-0 under her belt. DeJesus has been honing her skills in a local facility, The Syndicate MMA, where under their tutelage she plans to wipe the smile off of Carpenter's face.

The Bantamweight title is on the line folks. I can only imagine the desperate measures these two competitors will sink to in order to be crowned champion.

The fans in Las Vegas are in for a good one.

4. Edwin Rivera vs. Dustin Brooks- NYFE 11

A Light Heavyweight battle is upon us!

Edwin Rivera doesn't seem to be intimidated of what's to come this weekend. In fact, Rivera revels in the anticipation. With a record of 4-2, Rivera has been rather calculating in the ring. Sizing up his opponents from head to toe, Rivera will look to add a W to his already impressive record.

Dustin Brooks on the other hand is itching for a fight. After what was a rather lack luster performance from Brooks a couple months back, which ended in a decision, Brooks is looking to re-assert his dominance in the cage. With no belt on the line, an impressive performance from Brooks can possibly put him in good grace with the promoters for a light heavyweight title fight in the near future.

Who's got the upper hand? Tune in and find out.

3. Shannon Sinn vs. Jenny Liou Shriver- Sparta Combat League 49

These two Flyweights have a lot to prove this weekend in Denver, CO.

Shannon Sinn hasn't been too great as of late. With a pedestrian record of 2-3, the Denver native will look to create some waves in the Grizzly Rose venue. With the lack of wins under her belt, I would suspect that it's desperation time for Sinn this weekend.

Jenny Liou Shriver on the other hand has been doing pretty well for herself. With a 5-3 record under her belt, it's safe to say Shriver is on the right path. Shriver has made it a mission to leave her mark in the cage as she's won her last two fights via submission.

Shriver has an array of tactics to defeat Sinn handily. Can Sinn counteract that? I'm not too sure.

2. Raphael Scott vs. Aidan Aguilera- Hex Fighting Series 6

One of most heavily anticipated events is going on in Melbourne, Australia and these two fighters are part of the reason.

Both Raphael Scott and Aidan Aguilera are walking into the Melbourne Pavilion with undefeated records. Scott has won all three of his matches via KO and submission. Aguilera has also won both his fights via KO and submission as well. These two Australian natives will be walking into a raucous crowd in Melbourne, where both contestants will be expected to leave it all on the line.

This may not be a title match, but it's damn near close to one. I wonder which side hates to lose more as both of their streaks are on the line. Expect this one to be interesting.

1. Brian "Bad Boy" Ebersole vs. Steven "The Steamrolla" Kennedy- Hex Fighting Series

Oh boy, now we're talking!

Brian Ebersole has been in the MMA fighting scene for years. The UFC veteran has accrued countless accolades throughout the years, including 50 wins!

With a 51-17-1 record, Ebersole may be close to being one of the biggest names to ever fight in the Hex Fighting promotion. Hailing from the red, white and blue, Ebersole will be motivated by the sheer act of representing this country proud while overseas.

Steve Kennedy won't idly stand by and watch as Ebersole receives all the glory though. A UFC veteran in his own right, Kennedy will prove to be one of the toughest opponents Ebersole has ever fought.

Kennedy has a record of 22-8 and home field advantage stored away in his back pocket. If Ebersole was to take this man lightly, who knows what kind of punishment Kennedy could inflict. Kennedy is walking into the cage with all the confidence in the world, so there's no telling which direction this fight will go.

What I do know for certain is that this weekend will be an exciting time for MMA fans from around the world. Be sure to tune in!

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