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If Iggy Azalea is down with shorties, Dominick Cruz wants the seven digits

If Shorty Shit Stain can join the Brooklyn Zoo, then why can't the tiny but tenacious "Dominator" infiltrate the world of rap?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There is no UFC event this weekend, so let's talk about something else, like the real housewives of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Then again, let's not.

But while we're on the topic of celebrity gossip, it's (not) important to note that pop star Iggy Azalea -- who I actually thought was that skinny old dude with the veiny forearms until like an hour ago -- broke up with boyfriend and current NBA star Nick Young, who I also never heard of.

Bad news for the 31-year-old Laker, great news for the reigning UFC bantamweight champion.

"Man, Iggy Azalea're beautiful, you can do whatever you want," Dominick Cruz told TMZ. "The only thing is, I'm not seven feet tall, but I'll stand on these steps or whatever, let me know. Hit me up."

Cruz is fresh off his unanimous decision win over longtime rival Uriah Faber at UFC 199 and is expected to return to the cage later this fall. Whether or not he walks out to a rap song from his favorite lady, remains to be seen.

That is all.

We now return to our regularly scheduled clickbait.

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