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UFC denies report of $4.2 billion sale, threatens legal action against nosy MMA media

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I wish I had $5 billion handy, so I could A) scoop up 100 acres in Colorado and live the rest of my days as a Doomsday Prepper and B) purchase UFC so we can stop writing about purchasing UFC.

Is that asking too much?

Anyway, the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion is currently playing fire and rescue, after a report from FloCombat set the Interweb ablaze with details of a $4.2 billion purchase from a bunch of greedy rich people I never heard of.

Naturally, something like that might send employees into a panic.

But officials from UFC swooped in with an internal memo -- obtained by the dogged fact finders at MMA Junkie -- to assure those folks making hay while the sun shines under the ZUFFA banner that all is well and good, while also promising a swift hammer of legal justice.

Corporate words and stuff:

A report today by indicating that the company has been sold is false. This follows other false speculation in the press recently.

Such misrepresentation of facts in the media negatively impacts our business, staff members and athletes. We have instructed our attorneys to investigate and take all appropriate legal actions against the parties publishing and contributing to these false stories.

You know the old saying: Where there's smoke, there's clickbait.

Rumors of a potential UFC sale started as early as last fall, but promotion president Dana White was right there every step of the way to insist no such deal was in place. Not that it means anything, but this is the game that has to be played when this kind of money is at stake.

Speaking of games, a change of ownership might be a good thing for this sport.

Then again, maybe not.

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