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Luke Rockhold: Congrats to Michael Bisping for UFC title win, but he's a true piece of sh-t

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Luke Rockhold admits he underestimated Michael Bisping heading into their middleweight title fight at UFC 199 on June 4, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

As a result, "The Count" knocked him out in the very first round to end his title run before it picked up any further momentum (see it again here).

Of course, Rockhold wants another crack at Bisping to right the wrong, as he declared on The MMA Hour that Bisping doesn't deserve to be champion because at the end of the day, he's a "true classless piece of shit."

Largely because of this.

"I got caught. A lot went into that fight with the Michael Bisping last-minute change. The pressure of the moment. I feel like I didn't have much to gain without going out there and putting on a show-stopping performance, something different. The way I dominated him the first time around and given the two weeks notice, just, the moment, the build up and everyone rode him off like he had no chance; It got into my head and told me these things. I didn't go in there with the same feel, the same head space as I do with every other fight. I go in there relaxed and composed and I try to be calculated with my fights. And with that one I tried to push the pace and force the issue with everything. I put myself in a dangerous position and I've never been put away like that, I've been hit by the hardest guys. Anyone can get caught in this game if you hit them perfectly. He's a tough guy, not going to lie. He won fair and square, but the odds of that happening again are fairly low. He caught me on the tip of the chin on my way out and followed it up. Congrats to him, he won. I think the guy is a true piece of shit and I think he is classless. I'd love the opportunity to get that back and right that wrong and fix this for everybody because I don't think he deserves it. I don't think he knew he was going to do it, you can tell by his reaction. It's not going to last long. I want to settle the score. I was winning both fights handily. He had his moment, but that will be it."

Before the fight, Rockhold was bothered by a knee injury, though he says it played no part in the loss. It is, however, playing a part in his recovery time, as Luke says he is currently healing from it before he gets back into training and more importantly, fighting again.

He also reveals he has spoken with UFC officials about a rematch with "The Count" and says his chances of receiving it are pretty good.

Lastly, Rockhold wants to apologize to the rest of the division as well as the fans for "fucking up" and giving Bisping the belt, since they now have to endure him as champion.

But for how long?

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