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Video: Dan Henderson says he's going to beat Michael Bisping's ass

Since defeating Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 to earn the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight title, divisional great Michael Bisping has been a man on a mission.

He has not only talked tremendous trash in the direction of Rockhold and former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but he has also verbally attacked mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Dan Henderson along the way.

Remember, Henderson defeated Bisping with an epic second-round knockout at UFC 100 that remains one of the worst losses on the Englishman's promotional resume.

While a title fight between Bisping and Henderson is unlikely at this point, especially considering contenders like Rockhold, Chris Weidman, and Ronaldo Souza are waiting in the helm, the champion is giving the promotion every reason to book the rematch.

Bisping has even gone as far as saying he wants to fight Henderson before he dies soon and that he should be the one to put him in his grave. Of course, Henderson didn't take those comments too lightly.

"I've never really paid much attention to what he says, it's entertaining to me," said Henderson in a recent interview with TMZ Sports (shown above). "It'd be pretty funny when he just yaps his mouth again and ends up getting his ass beat by an old man."

Henderson, 45, just capped off a great performance at UFC 199 by knocking Hector Lombard out cold with a perfectly timed head kick and elbow to the temple.

"Over the years since I had fought him I really didn't have a reason to fight him again," added Henderson. "I couldn't have knocked him out better the first time around, so he's going to owe me two after we fight."

While nothing has been finalized or brought to Henderson's table regarding a contract to fight "The Count," the MMA legend stated that UFC is certainly thinking about it.

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