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Brock Lesnar granted permission to walk out to WWE music at UFC 200

JP Yim/Getty Images

With the return of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight king Brock Lesnar set in motion for UFC 200 on July 9, the WWE superstar will undoubtedly command the mixed martial arts (MMA) spotlight until fight night nears.

From earning his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to representing Canada at UFC 200, the Lesnar news has been plentiful over the past two weeks.

Well, it now seems as if Lesnar will be granted permission from the WWE to use his walkout music when he makes his long-awaited UFC return opposite the heavy-handed Mark Hunt.

MMA mainstay Jeremy Botter broke the news via Twitter earlier today:

While UFC probably doesn't care at all what music Lesnar comes out to at UFC 200, the WWE sure does. Considering they're giving Lesnar the opportunity to return to the Octagon for a one-off gig, the WWE should want to keep his wrestling persona in tact as much as possible, especially considering he'll be fighting at SummerSlam on Aug. 21.

Phil Brooks, a former WWE superstar better known as "CM Punk," probably won't get the same treatment whenever he makes his UFC debut.

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