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UFC Fight Night 89 results: Live streaming ‘MacDonald vs Thompson’ play-by-play updates


After taking last weekend off, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will return to FOX Sports 1 on Saturday night (June 18, 2016) in the form of UFC Fight Night 89, the slam-bang mixed martial arts (MMA) extravaganza going down inside TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

UFC Fight Night 89 will be headlined by the welterweight clash pitting former division title challenger Rory MacDonald against striking dynamo Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. The winner could find themselves atop a very short list of 170-pound title contenders.

That's not all.

In the co-main event, former lightweight contender Donald Cerrone will continue his run at welterweight against former middleweight No. 1 contender Partrick Cote. Elsewhere on the card, local favorite Steve Bosse aims to capture yet another highlight-reel knockout when he takes on Sean O'Connell.

Fun! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 89 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. ET, and then the remaining undercard balance on FOX Sports 2 at 8:30 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 10: 30 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following "MacDonald vs. Thompson." Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 89 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Rory MacDonald vs. Stephen Thompson -- Thompson def. MacDonald by unanimous decision (50-45 x2, 48-47)
Donald Cerrone vs. Patrick Cote -- Cerrone def. Cote by TKO (punches) at 2:35 of Round Three
Steve Bosse vs. Sean O'Connell -- Bosse def. O'Connell by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27)
Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Thibault Gouti -- Aubin-Mercier def. Gouti by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:28 of Round Three
Valerie Letourneau vs. Joanne Calderwood -- Calderwood def. Letourneau by TKO (strikes) at 2:51 of Round Three
Jason Saggo vs. Leandro Silva -- Saggo def. Silva by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
Misha Cirkunov vs. Ion Cutelaba -- Cirkunov def. Cutelaba by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 1:22 of Round Three
Krzysztof Jotko vs. Tamdan McCrory -- Jotko def. McCrory by KO (punches) at 0:59 of Round One
Joe Soto vs. Chris Beal -- Soto def. Beal by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:39 of Round Three
Elias Theodorou vs. Sam Alvey -- Theodorou def. Alvey by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)
Randa Markos vs. Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger -- Markos def. Jones-Lybarger by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Colby Covington vs. Jonathan Meunier -- Covington def. Meunier by submission (rear-naked choke) at 0:54 of Round Three
Ali Bagautinov vs. Geane Herrera -- Bagautinov def. Herrera by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


170 lbs.: Rory MacDonald vs. Stephen Thompson

Round 1: Thompson southpaw, MacDonald orthodox. Thompson flicking out kicks. One minute in. MacDonald rolls for a heel hook Imanari-style, Thompson limp-legs out of it. Macdonald goes for a head kick. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Thompson. MacDonald tries the roll again, no luck this time either. Two minutes to go.

Body kick from Thompson. Low kick. MacDonald lands a body kick. Wheel kick attempt comes back at him. One minute to go. Clinch and MacDonald lands an elbow, eating punches in return. Thompson pressing him against the fence. Knees to the thigh from Thompson. They separate. MacDonald looks for a high kick. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 2: Low kick from Thompson, then a switch kick attempt. Quick exchange. Macdonald fakes a shot. One minute in. Straight left from Thompson. MacDonald low kick. MacDonald ties up and lands a knee. Two minutes in. Thompson left falls short. MacDonald fails a roll, eats a side kick. Two minutes to go.

MacDonald shoots and takes Thompson to the fence, landing an elbow on the break. Body kick from Thompson. One minute to go. Side kick from Thompson, then a roundhouse attempt and a missed blitz. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 3: More kicks from Thompson. Shifting right hook lands for MacDonald. Counter right from Thompson. One minute in. Left hook from MacDonald. They clinch and MacDonald lands a knee. He tries a flying scissor takedown and Thompson nearly lands in mount. MacDonald spins for a heel hook and Thompson lets him up. Two minutes in. Three counters from Thompson, one from MacDonald. Thompson lands a right inside. Two minutes to go.

Counter right lands for MacDonald. 2-1 lands for Thompson. Body kick by MacDonald. One minute to go. counter right from MaDonald, slipping just clear of return fire. Potshots by Thompson. Both land their power hands. 10-9 Thompson, but much closer this time.

Round 4: Lead right by MacDonald. Low kick by Thompson. Side kick lands. Quick punching exchange. Sharp right and a body kick by Thompson. They clinch, MacDonald lands a knee and Thompson a left hand. One minute in. Low kick lands for Thompson. MacDonald lands a quick series of punches, eats a right hand. Thompson to the body. Two minutes in. Thompson low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Side kick by Thompson. Again after a quick shift. Counter left by MacDonald as he takes a leg kick. Lefts in return by Thompson. One minute to go. Side kick and straight left and right hook in sequence from Thompson. Right hook lands for Thompson as he takes an elbow. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 5: MacDonald comes out throwing. Side kick by Thompson. Low kick lands. Lovely head movement from the karateka and both men lands hard near the fence. Darting left by Thompson. One minute in. Both land hard right hands. Nasty punches by both men. Right hand from Thompson. Two minutes in. Wheel kick lands for Thompson. Spinning back kick afterwards. Lovely shot by MacDonald, but Thompson lands on top in side control. Short elbows by Thompson. Two minutes to go.

Thompson elects to stand when MacDonald regains guard. Both connect and MacDonald seems hurt. MacDonald's nose is fucked. Low kick from Thompson. One minute to go. Snap kick lands for Thompson. They exchange punches in the center. Knees from MacDonald inside. MacDonald blocks a wheel kick before the bell. Terrific performance from Stephen Thompson. 10-9 Thompson.

Final result: Thompson def. MacDonald by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. Patrick Cote

Round 1: Overhand right lands for Cote right off the bat. Cerrone ducks the next one and puts Cote on his back, setting up in guard. Cote keeping him tied up. One minute in. Cote goes for an omoplata and uses it to stand. Low kick by Cerrone. Cote answers. Two minutes in. Head kick from Cerrone. Cerrone hits another lovely reactive takedown and this one puts him in half guard. Two minutes to go.

Cote gives up his back trying to stand and Cerrone immediately puts in both hooks, then moves to the body triangle. One minute to go. Cote fighting off the choke. Cerrone looks to switch to an arm-triangle, so Cote counters with a Kimura and forces Cerrone to stand over him. 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 2: Cerrone digs to the body as they trade punches. Body kicks from both men. Cerrone counters with a low kick, then another that Cote catches and drops. Cote low kick, Cerrone comes back with punches. Both land low kicks. One minute in. Another low kick by Cerrone. Snap kick to the body, another low kick. Cote with a right hand. Body shots. Cerrone stings him with some lefts in combination. Two minutes in. Cote pops him with an uppercut. Cerrone with a knee to the body. Another low kick by Cerrone, then an exchange of them. Cote stuffs a takedown attempt. Two minutes to go.

Hard combo by Cerrone and those leg kicks are piling up. Up-elbow by Cerrone and then a combination that sends Cote crashing to the mat. The Canaian survives and Cerrone lets him up. One minute to go. Cote shoots, not even close. Snap kick by Cerrone. Cerrone puts together another hard combination on the fence and Cote waves him on. 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 3: Cote comes out swinging. Low kick by Cerrone. Another big left hook sends Cote down again. Cote looks for a takedown and Cerrone lets him up after avoiding it. Another Cerrone low kick. One minute in. Cote switches southpaw, gets his other leg booted for his trouble. Head kick attempt from Cerrone. Another one, then to the body. All Cerrone. Two minutes in. Cerrone walking him down. Another savage left hook by Cerrone and right hands behind it send Cote down a third time. Cerrone hops onto his back and lands jackhammer right hands until the referee steps in.

Final result: Cerrone def. Cote by TKO (punches)


205 lbs.: Steve Bosse vs. Sean O'Connell

Round 1: The two get right down to slinging heat, both men landing heavy blows within the first thirty seconds. The brawl continues through the first minute, after which O'Connell storms after him and stiffens him with a brutal flurry. Bosse regains his wits on the mat and uses the cage to stand. Bosse circles off, landing a right hand as he does. Two minutes in. Body kick by O'Connell. More wild exchanges. Left hooks by O'Connell, who moves into the clinch and lands inside. Two minutes to go.

They stay on the cage for a bit before separating and resuming. Hard shots from Bosse. One minute to go. Knee to the body by O'Connell. O'Connell gets double underhooks. Clinch. Bosse looks for a single-leg, can't get it. 10-9 O'Connell.

Round 2: The biffing continues and this time it's O'Connell who gets rattled. He shoots in and takes Bosse to the fence. They jockey for position. One minute in. Bosse with a sneaky uppercut inside. They separate. Bosse lunges in with an uppercut and eats a left hook. Two minutes in. A pair of booming right hands take O'Connell's legs out and he falls to the mat, Bosse looking to polish him off. Half uard for Bosse, dropping more right hands. Upkicks by O'Connell. Two minutes to go.

Nasty ground-and-pound by Bosse. O'Connell surviving. Side control for Bosse. One minute to go. O'Connell works his way back to the feet and gets drilled with a right hand in the clinch, returning with a knee. 10-9 Bosse.

Round 3: Bosse tries to spin as they continue to engage. Massive shots from both men. Bosse lands a spinning back fist and O'Connell comes back with a left hook. One minute in. Ridiculous punishment being absorbed on both sides. Uppercut and stiff left knock Bosse back. Two minutes in. Things slow down as we hit the halfway point. Right and left by O'Connell. 1-2 connects. Two minutes to go.

Short elbow from O'Connell. Another spinning attack by Bosse, who gets rattled with another left hook. O'Connell takes him to the fence. One minute to go. Another spinning back fist by Bosse. Both land hard right hands. Huge right hands connect for both men. They end the round trading wildly. Great fight. 10-9 O'Connell.

Final result: Bosse def. O'Connell by unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Thibault Gouti

Round 1: OAM goes in for a single-leg and takes Gouti to the fence. He tries for a low single, can't get it and tey split. Both land their power hands. OAM with a flying knee that just lands. Gouti stuffs a takedown. One minute in. Thudding rights inside. OAM with a head kick. Again; Gouti pops him with a stiff jab in return. OAM with a power double and he completes it into guard. Two minutes in. Gouti maintaining guard well. Solid punches from the Canadian. Gouti gives up his back trying to stand. Two minutes to go.

OAM looks tor a leg and Gouti takes top position, bombing with punches. OAM works his way to his feet and eats a right hand. One minute to go. Body kick lands for OAM. Combo by Gouti, uppercut lands. Long left from the Canadian, brutal combination by Gouti before the bell. 10-9 Aubin-Mercier.

Round 2: Body kick from OAM and he shoots. Gouti stuffs it. OAM with a long shot, again denied. Gouti clinches up and knees the body. OAM does the same before they separate. 1-2-3 by OAM and he shoots again, no luck. One minute in. Head kick attempt. Counter left hits home. Uppercut and right hook soon after. Gouti stings him with a sweeping right and OAM hits a reactive takedown, avoiding a guillotine on the way down. Two minutes in. Half guard for OAM. Gouti manages to get full guard. Two minutes to go.

OAM dropping ground-and-pound from open guard. One minute to go. Gouti not doing much to stand up. 10-9 Aubin-Mercier.

Round 3: OAM shoots and ties up.on the fence. Good trip by OAM and he looks for the back. Both hooks in, body triangle. One minute in. OAM looking for the choke. Still working on it. Two minutes in. Gouti hand-fighting well but not doing much to improve position. He goes to his knees, which allows Aubin-Mercier to instantly lock up the choke and squeeze a tap out of him.

Final result: Aubin-Mercier def. Gouti by submission (rear-naked choke)


125 lbs.: Valerie Letourneau vs. Joanne Calderwood

Round 1: The women get right to exchanging. Punches from Letourneau, kicks from Calderwood. They clinch and Jojo takes her to the fence. Letourneau reverses position. Dirty boxing by Letourneau. One minute in. Calderwood reverses position and trips her to the mat. Full guard for Calderwood. Letourneau controlling her wrests and turns for an armbar. Calderwood stacks her, pulls her arm free, and drops a hard right hand. Two minutes in. Letourneau kicks her off and stands. Body kick lands for her. Short elbow by Calderwood after taking a few hits. Right hand by Letourneau. 2-1 by Jojo. Letourneau kick hits groin. Two minutes to go.

Spinning backfist from Calderwood flattens Letourneau! Calderwood drops heavy leather but the Quebecois manages to withstand the onslaught and she locks up her guard. One minute to go. Letourneau kicks her away and stands. Right hand by Calderwood. 1-2 from Letourneau in return, then a good combiantion. They trade right hands and Calderwood slams home some elbows inside. 10-9 Calderwood.

Round 2: Calderwood with a body kick, head kick from Letourneau in return. Low kick by Calderwood. Right hand lands, Letourneau with a pair of stiff lefts in return. Elbow by Letourneau. One minute in. Calderwood to the body inside. Front kick from the Scot. Right hand, Letourneau answers with a left. Letourneau's jab is working quite well. They trade low kicks. Two minutes in. Calderwood shoots and puts Letourneau on her back near the fence. Half guard. Letourneau looking for a Kimura on her left arm. Two minutes to go.

Calderwood defending well, landing a few body blows, and Letourneau releases it. Letourneau scrambles up, sharp elbow by Calderwood on the exit. Body kick from Letourneau. Left hook by Calderwood, who catches a kick and scores another takedown. Ground-and-pound from Jojo. She stands over Letourneau and the latter makes space to stand. Spinning back kick from Calderwood before the bell. 10-9 Calderwood.

Round 3: Low kicks from both women as they continue to engage. Head kick from Letourneau. Right hand. Calderwood with a head kick of her own, followed by an attempted knee-tap and some clinchwork from both. Spinning back kick attempt from Calderwood. Letourneau with some knees inside as Calderwood takes her to the fence. One minute in. Calderwood backs off. Nasty snap kick to the body hurts Letourneau and Calderwood blasts her with punches. Letourneau firing back, lands a body kick and some punches. Front kick to the fance from Letourneau and a slight wardrobe malfunction by Letourneau causes a pause. Two minues in. They engage in the clinch. Lead right by Calderwood. A hard snap kick to the body again and Letourneau turns her back, retreating to the fence as Calderwood storms after her. A spinning back fist sends Letourneau to the mat and this one is over.

Final result: Calderwood def. Letourneau by TKO (strikes)


155 lbs.: Jason Saggo vs. Leandro Silva

Round 1: Slow start. One minute in. Body kick from Silva. Saggo catches a kick and takes Silva down. Half guard for Saggo. Two minutes in. Short ground-and-pound from the Canadian. Sharp left hand from Saggo. Silva looking for deep half guard. Two minutes to go.

Saggo maintains his balance and keeps up the ground-and-pound. Silva looks for a leg, no dice. One minute to go. Silva works his way back to the feet and slips his head out of the front headlock. Solid left hands by Silva. Both try head kicks. Silva with a wheel kick at the bell. 10-9 Saggo.

Round 2: Both men kicking early. Low kick by Saggo. Check hook by Saggo, head kick attempt by Silva. One minute in. Body kick and a knee from Silva, followed by a level change against the fence. Two minutes in. Check hook once again from Saggo. High kick from Saggo just connects. Silva comes back with a right hand inside and again changes levels. Hard low kick from Silva briefly trips Saggo up. Two minutes to go.

Saggo shoots in on the fence. Silva clips out and circles off. One minute to go. Silva with a left downstairs. Good low kick. Silva shoots in off a Sago head kick and takes him down before the bell. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3: Kicks from both men to start the round. Hug Tornado by Silva. Silva catches a body kick and lands a low kick in return. One minute in. Saggo with a body kick. Left hand from Silva as Saggo kicks. Still no takedown attempt from Saggo this round, although he lands a solid 1-2 that invigorates him. Silva with a nice counter in return. Now Saggo shoots after a lively exchange and Silva defends against the fence. Two minutes in. They separate. High kick attempt by Saggo. Silva tries a wheel kick, eats a left hand. Body kick by Saggo, two minutes to go.

Counter lefts from Silva. Saggo comes back with body kicks. Another counter left from the Brazilian. Silva waves him on. One minute to go. Counter left by Silva and they trade body kicks. Silva catches a low kick and sets up on top. . Saggo fires a few upkicks and they swat at each other until the bell. 10-9 Saggo.

Final result: Saggo def. Silva by split decision


205 lbs.: Misha Cirkunov vs. Ion Cutelaba

Round 1: Body kicks from Cirkunov. Cutelaba comes back with an overhand right that just misses. They're getting into some intense exchanges. Nice four-punch combo by Cirkunov. Body kick lands. One minute in. Right hand drops Cirkunov. He pops right back up and ties up, then lands a thudding left hand as they separate. Overhand right by Cutelaba. Two minutes in. Right hook lands for Cirkunov. Cutelaba whiffs on a spin. Hard straight left buzzes Cutelaba. They clinch and Cutelaba counters a sacrifice throw right into full mount. Cirkunov escapes out the back door and they stand. Two minutes to go.

Cutelaba tries a high kick. Check hook from Cirkunov and they clinch. Cirkunov cracks him with punches after failing a throw. Cutelaba spins and runs smack into a counter left. One minute to go. 1-2 connects for Cirkunov. Another left lands clean. Again. 10-9 Cirkunov.

Round 2: Cirkunov on the advance. One minute in. Combination lands for Cirkunov. Good right hook upstairs. Cutelaba tries to spin. Straight left connects. Two minutes in. Cutelaba still looking for that looping right hand. Cirkunov looks for body kicks. Quick exchange in the center. Two minutes to go.

Cutelaba again tries to spin and they clinch up. Nice shots inside from Cirkunov. One minute to go They clinch up once again after a flurry from Cutelaba. Cirkunov with some dirty boxing. Knee from Cirkunov before the bell. 10-9 Cirkunov.

Round 3: Cirkunov moving well, avoiding danger. Superman punch and right hook from Cirkunov, who hits a double-leg on the fence. Side control for Cirkunov. One minute in. Lovely arm-triangle transition and Cirkunov draws the tap.

Final result: Cirkunov def. Cutelaba by submission (arm-triangle choke)


185 lbs.: Krzysztof Jotko vs. Tamdan McCrory

Round 1: Body kick from Jotko. McCrory answers in kind. Out of nowhere, McCrory steps in and Jotko obliterates him with an overhand left. McCrory melts to the mat and a pair of hammerfists put him out cold.

Final result: Jotko def. McCrory by KO (punches)


135 lbs.: Joe Soto vs. Chris Beal

Round 1: Tentative start. Low kick from Soto. Once again. One minute in. Punching exchange. Soto shoots, Beal limp-legs out. Jab and 1-2 land for Beal. Two minutes in. Beal working the jab. Good body shot and right hand behind it. Left hook lands. Good counters. Two minutes to go.

Soto shoots and tries to pull guard. No dice. Beal flurries. Left hook lands for Beal. Soto looks awful in there right now. One minute to go. Soto low kick. Another and Beal rushes after him before the bell. 10-9 Beal.

Round 2: Soto feinting, but throwing nothing but the occasional low kick while Beal fires off combinations. One minute in. Beal totally in control, ripping off combinations while Soto refuses to try another takedown. Jabs from Beal, then a combination. Two minutes in. A jab seems to knock Beal off-balance, but Beal shrugs off a takedown. Now Soto marching forward, waving Beal forward. Solid counters now from Soto. Both mean landing well. Beal's leg might be out of commission. Two minutes to go.

Soto relentless, shrugging off Beal's punches. Beal shoots in and Soto slaps on a guillotine, using it to take the back. Body triangle for Soto. Beal slips out, so Soto moves into top position and easily passes to side control. Round ends there. 10-9 Soto.

Round 3: Soto resumes his forward march. Beal punching still, but looking somewhat tired. Uppercut from Beal. Soto whiffs on a cartwheel kick, lands a right hand. Leaping right hand from Soto. One minute in. 1-2-3 from Beal backs Soto off. Solid flurries from Beal, left hook from Soto. Beal lands an uppercut. Hard right hand by Beal and another one stings Soto. Beal stops a level change. Two minutes in. Left hook lands for Beal. Beal avoids a shot land lands on the way up. Soto shoots once again  and moves to the rear waistlock. Full back control with the body triangle for Soto. Two minutes to go.

Soto staying heavy. Soto takes mount, then gets the back once more and slaps on a palm-to-palm rear-naked draws a tap.

Final result: Soto def. Beal by submission (rear-naked choke)


185 lbs.: Elias Theodorou vs. Sam Alvey

Round 1: Theodorou moving quite a bit, keeping a very deep stance. Kicks from the Canadian. Alvey yet to throw a punch. One minute in. Low kicks from Theodorou. Head kick attempt. Still not a single punch from Alvey. Two minutes in. More flicking low kicks. Front kick attempt. Alvey finally throws a punch, a missed right hook. Head kick attempt by Theodorou. Two minutes to go.

Body kick. Another body kick and Alvey tries to counter. One minute to go. Low kick by Alvey. Head kick attempt by Theodorou. Another attempt. Alvey tries to rush him before the bell. 10-9 Theodorou.

Round 2: Theodorou keeps flicking out kicks. Alvey keeps walking forward. Alvey tries a corkscrew uppercut and Theodorou ties up. They separate. Body kick by Alvey. One minute in. Body kick from Theodorou, low kicks from Alvey. Theodorou shoots from way too far out, lands a right hand after being stuffed. Two minutes in. The next corkscrew uppercut connects and they tie up. Double underhooks for Alvey. They jockey for position on the fence. Two minutes to go.

More cilnchfighting. Knees from Theodorou before the ref separates them. Flying switch kick from Theodorou blocked. One minute to go. Right hand by Theodorou and they return to the clinch. Alvey grabs double underhooks once again. 10-9 Theodorou.

Round 3: Alvey continues to plod forward and throw nothing. Theodorou continues to flick out light kicks and stick his fingers out. One minute in. Alvey drips his hands and walks forward. Theodorou grabs the rear waistlock and whacks him as they separate. Two minutes in. Alvey sneering, dropping his hands, but he hasn't even thrown a punch this round. Alvey lands a right hand on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Theodorrou ducks a right hook. They again tie up and jockey for position. One minute to go. Alvey knees the thighs for a while until the ref separates them. Alvey lands a low kick. Horrific fight, especially from Alvey. 10-9 Theodorou.

Final result: Theodorou def. Alvey by unanimous decision


115 lbs.: Randa Markos vs. Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger

Round 1: Both women punching in the early going. Left hook from Jones-Lybarger. Good uppercut by Markos. Jones-Lybarger catches a kick, can't use it. One minute in. Markos ties up and takes her to the fence. Short uppercuts from Markos. Jones-Lybarger reverses position. Knees to the thigh. Two minutes in. They separate and they both sling heavy leather until Markos takes her back to the cage, digging in more of those uppercuts. Two minutes to go.

Markos looking for an outside trip. Jones-Lybarger shoves her away. Lead right lands fo rMarkos. Another right hand lands. Jones-Lybarger grabs a bodylock and hits a takedown. Markos rolls into a heel hook attempt when she hits the mat. One minute in. Jones-Lybarger fights it off, so Markos gets to her knees and thumps her with left hands until the bell. 10-9 Markos.

Round 2: Right hand from Jones-Lybarger, Markos comes back with a bigger one. More punch exchanges until Markos shoots in. Jones-Lybarger defends and hauls her to the fence. They separate. Jab exchanges. One minute in. 1-2 by Markos. Spinning backfist falls well short. Two minutes in. Not much from either woman at the moment. Body kick from Jones-Lybarger. Markos shoots, easily stuffed. Markos did miss weight, so she could be fatigued. Her punches definitely look labored. Jones-Lybarger low kick. Two minutes to go.

Markos again whiffs on a spinning backfist and they trade solid punches. Another right hand by Markos. Body kick lands for her. One minute to go. Another good exchange in the center. A little more life from the fighters in the final minute. Jones-Lybarger stuffs a shot and lands a left hand. 10-9 Jones-Lybarger.

Round 3: Markos moving forward, lands a right hand. Jones-Lybarger flicks out some kicks. 3-2 from Jones-Lybarger. Markos continues to miss with the spinning back fist. One minute in. Low kicks from Jones-Lybarger. Markos comes back with a right hand and an uppercut inside. Markos shoots and takes her down on the fence. Jones-Lybarger pops back up immediately. Two minutes in. Jones-Lybarger eats an uppercut before slipping out of the clinch. Left hand from Markos. Left hook and another, between which Jones-Lybarger lands a right hand. Good exchange in the center. Two minutes to go.

Markos shoots, stuffed. Jones-Lybarger ties up and puts her on the fence. They separate. Jones-Lybarger landing her jab. One minute to go. 1-2 by Jones-Lybarger, Markos comes back with a combination and eats one in turn. Jones-Lybarger lands a right hand and Markos finally connects with the spinning backfist before the bell. 10-9 Markos, barely.

Final result: Markos def. Jones-Lybarger by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Colby Covington vs. Jonathan Meunier

Round 1: Covington fires off a tornado kick and immediately shoots in behind it. Meunier defending well against the cage. Covington works his way to the rear waistlock and briefly gets him down. The Canadian pops right back up, so Covington keeps going and dumps him again. One minute in. Meunier moves to turtle position on the cage. Covington staying heavy, thwarts an attempt to stand and continues to look for the back. Two minutes in. Covington still driving. Meunier stands, then gets hurled onto his back and Covington sets up in his guard. Two minutes to go.

Elbow from Covington. Short punches as well from Meunier's closed guard. One minute to go. The ref elects to stand them up with thirty seconds to go. 10-9 Covington.

Round 2: Covington marches forward and shoots in within twenty seconds, taking Meunier to the fence. Covington hits a throw and they scramble until Covington ends up on top in guard. Meunier with a body triangle from the bottom. One minute in. Meunier looks for a kimura, loses it in a hurry. Meunier stands, then rolls through for a heel hook. Two minutes in. Covington defending as Meunier swats at him from his back. Covington extracts his leg and drops punches from turtle position. Two minutes to go.

Covington continues to ride him, staying heavy. One minute in. Meunier tries to roll once again, nothing there. The Canadian continues to roll and look for a leg while Covington patiently stays heavy and lands punches. Covington looks for the back, then tries an arm-triangle that Meunier slips out of well before the bell. 10-9 Covington.

Round 3: Meunier flicks out some kick, then gets leveled by a spinning backfist. Covington follows him down and tries to put him away with hammerfists, then takes his back in the scramble and immediately locks up the choke. Meunier taps in a hurry.

Final result: Covington def. Meunier by submission (rear-naked choke)


125 lbs.: Ali Bagautinov vs. Geane Herrera

Round 1: Both men come out southpaw. Flicking low kicks by Bagautinov. Keeping that lead leg active, not much else on either side. One minute in. Bagautinov lands a left to the body and a glancing high kick. Low kick lands for him, then a cracking body kick. Overhand left, 1-2, head kick attempt. Herrera on the advance now, eats another pair of left hands. Two minutes in. Another left and body kick, then a right hook behind it. Wheel kick by Bagautinov and he dumps Herrera to the mat. Two minutes in. Side control now. Herrera looks for a leg. Hard punches by Bagautinov to the head and body as he defends. Two minutes to go.

Brutal ground-and-pound by the Russian. Herrera trying to defend with his legs, but struggling to control his foe's posture. One minute to go. Bagautinov stands over him and drops some more heavy blows. Solid upkick from Herrera in return. Bagautinov keeps up the attack until the bell. 10-9 Bagautinov.

Round 2: Bagautinov continues to toss out kicks, looks to spin. Another hard body kick, then a thudding right hand behind it that puts Herrera on the retreat. Good double-leg from the Russian puts him in side control. Herrera counters with a Liam McGeary-style reverse triangle, then a paintbrush keylock. Bagautinov escapes both and stands over him. Herrera looking for a butterfly hook as Bagautinov thumps away. Two minutes in. Bagautinov counters a heel hook with a pair of right hands. Herrera works his way to his feet, shoots, and puts the Russian on his back. He quickly moves to back mount and locks up the body triangle with two minutes to go.

Bagautinov turns into Herrera's guard and goes back to punching. Herrera tries to invert without success. Herrera stays active off his back, but leaves himself open to a vicious series of punches that he seems to barely survive. One minute to go. Bagautinov slows back down and chips away from half guard. Herrera scrambles up, hits a flying knee, and then pulls guard off a failed takedown. 10-9 Bagautinov.

Round 3: Low kicks from Bagautinov. Herrera slowly advancing. Wheel kick attempt by Herrera. One minute in. Bagautinov continues to keep him at bay with kicks. Glancing head kick connects. Body kick lands, straight left soon after. Bagautinov dips down for a single-leg and Herrera tries to land jumping knees from that position. Bagautinov takes him to the fence, then spins him to the mat after a brief struggle. Side control for Bagautinov with two minutes to go.

Herrera makes space and stands. Bagautinov lands a knee to the body and shoots again, only to get caught in a vicious kimura. A beautiful scramble ensues before the Russian rolls through into side control and pulls his arm free. Herrera bridges out and Bagautinov may have conked his head on Herrera's hip. He shoots for a final takedown and completes it, dropping punches until the end of the fight. 10-9 Bagautinov.

Final result: Bagautinov def. Herrera by unanimous decision


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