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Video: Brendan Schaub, in his underwear at 3am, had to convince Kimbo Slice he wasn't black

From their days on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 reality show:

"I'm sleeping on the ground. There was a bunk bed but the bed was too small so I'm sleeping on the floor and I'm in my underwear. It's probably three in the morning, my nerves, I just fell asleep, it's hard to sleep before a fight. I hear a group of guys, I can hear some yelling downstairs. They come into my room and I thought I was sleeping, because Kimbo is going 'Yo Schaub! Wake up dog! Wake up man!' Remember this is six weeks in the house so we're all very close, we all know each other. He's going 'Wake up dog!' I'm like 'What the hell? Am I dreaming? Is that Kimbo Slice telling me to wake up in the middle of the night?' And he goes, 'They're talking about our people!' We've had conversations for hours, every day. For whatever reason, my ethnicity never got brought up. He assumed I was black, I guess. He goes 'Yeah' -- I'm not gonna say the guy's name -- 'blah-blah-blah is saying some racist stuff downstairs, talking about the Aryan nation, let's go whoop his ass!' I thought, just because I like Kimbo Slice so much I'll go help you, but I'm not racist in the least bit, but I told him: 'Hey Kimbo, you know I'm not black, right?' He went 'Really?!? Damn! That's crazy! Alright dog, you got a big day tomorrow, get some rest.' And he leaves, and I hear him tell the guys, 'That's why I love Schaub, man, you can never tell what the fuck he is.' I'll never forget that."

Retired Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Brendan Schaub reflects on his time spent cooped up inside the dreaded TUF house in Las Vegas, Nevada, which "Big Black Brown" used to elevate his mixed martial arts (MMA) career way back in 2009. While he came up short against Roy Nelson in the live finale, Schaub went on to become a successful podcaster and good friend of the late Kimbo Slice, who passed away earlier this month from heart failure.

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