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Cody Garbrandt details UFC 199 altercation with bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight contender Cody Garbrandt is coming for champion Dominick Cruz's neck.

The two 135-pound fighters have already exchanged within the media. Garbrandt believes he can knock out "The Dominator" 10 out of 10 times and Cruz says he doesn't even know who "No Love" is, which is obviously a ploy considering Garbrandt is the quickest rising name in the division after finishing Thomas Almeida at UFC Fight Night 88 with a vicious first-round knockout.

But things seemingly heated up between the champ and the 24-year-old knockout artist backstage at UFC 199 following Cruz's five-round title defense over Garbrandt's teammate Urijah Faber.

"Yeah, [he, Cruz, popped out of the tent] with this dumbass look on his face," said Garbrandt on a recent edition of Team Alpha Male's Stud Radio show (h/t MMA Fighting). "I was sitting there, walked out of Faber's tent, talked to him, kind of taking it all in. He [Cruz] popped out of his tent and kind of made eye contact with me, made this face like, 'Yeah, motherfuc*er, what?'"

"I was sitting there, and he [Cruz] wouldn't turn away, so I was like 'Alright, what's up? It's cool. Keep my belt polished up for me.' And he grabbed his belt off his dude and put it over his shoulder like, 'You better get in line.'"

Remember, Garbrandt most notably got in the face of Conor McGregor on the set of The Ultimate Fighter after "Notorious" made some comments about Team Alpha Male's relationship with T.J. Dillashaw (shown below).

"And he started talking sh*t about tattoos, and that's when I got kind of pissed off," added Garbrandt. "He was saying some stupid, dorky-ass sh*t. He's got that tribal tat, but he's talking sh*t about tattoos. I was like, 'That's cool, man, what are we, teenagers?'"

"So I was just like, 'Fu*k it, man. I ain't about talking. I'll just run up and smack you. Fu*k the line. Wait in line? I'll jump the line.' Then his cornermen were right there, like, 'Get the fu*k out of here,' and I was like, 'Fu*k this dude.' He wants to look at me, grab his belt and turn toward me, yeah, keep it polished for me, because I'm coming, motherfu*ker. That was that."

While Garbrandt wouldn't be the first guy to stir up some conflict in order to lock down a title shot, there is a true rivalry between Cruz and Team Alpha Male.

The undefeated Bantamweight may have to win one more bout before getting his hands on the champ, but the promotion could very well strike while the iron is hot and roll the dice on a Cruz vs Garbrandt title fight.

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