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Video: Justin Bieber punches huge guy, gets squished in chaotic street fight

I know this has nothing to do with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or mixed martial arts (MMA), but whatever, it's a slow news day and shame on you for clicking.

Pop sensation Justin Beiber was in a street fight this week for reasons I don't care enough to figure out, taking a swing at a giant guy who eats the (cough) "punch" and air-mails The Beebs first class right into the unforgiving pavement.

"Holy shit! I'll get on TMZ!" said the non-descript bystander, who probably sold the chaotic fight scene for a few bucks.

Bieber is probably best known in the combat sports world for hanging on around pound-for-pound boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr., but to be fair, he's also been known to buddy up with UFC President Dana White. Not sure how much of that still goes on, now that he went and pissed off Ronda Rousey.

I blame his broken heart.

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