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Video: Brock Lesnar explains head-smashing bar fight that ended with police intervention

"I remember one night I was at a function and went to the bar and ordered a couple drinks, turned around, went to grab my drinks and another person grabbed them. I was like 'Hey man, I think those were mine,' and he was like 'No,' kinda brushed me off, and I just grabbed them from him, turned around, walked away. In the meantime, the bartender had handed him his drinks and [he] proceeded to bust me over the head with them. Then things ended very quickly. Somebody went to sleep and it wasn't me. Then the cops came and I left."

I've heard of beer muscles, but this is ridiculous! According to UFC 200 co-main event attraction Brock Lesnar, who fights Mark Hunt in the July 9 pay-per-view (PPV) in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of his fellow bar patrons decided to risk death in the name of Coors Lite, in a watering hole altercation that Lesnar told ESPN's "Highly Questionable" happened "a long time ago." Speaking of things that are highly questionable, the WWE import has some explaining to do regarding his recent USADA exemption. It seems the "Super" court of "Samoan" opinion -- which also plans to end a Lesnar fight with someone going to sleep -- has a problem with the behind-the-scenes "bullshit."

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