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Hector Lombard: Dan Henderson a fake f--ktwit getting beaten in beautiful fashion at UFC 199

"Dan Henderson is just fake. Fake guy, comes across like a nice guy when he's not. You know if one day I have, let's suppose that I have a Hector Lombard training camp or Hector Lombard facility, and some young guy [comes in to train], because trust me, even at ATT a bunch of guys came from Australia and I introduced myself. Like, 'Hey man, how are you doing?' Even guys from New Zealand like JJ and a bunch of others and young kids, I introduce myself, I tell them, 'Whatever you need, just give me a call.' I exchange numbers, you know, we talk quite a bit, we go, we do some training together. It's not a big deal, ey? This fuckwitt is kind of like 'Oh, I'm more than you.' So he doesn't care for me and I don't care for him either. I see myself beating him in a beautiful fashion. I'm gonna be fast, I'm gonna explosive. I don't believe that my body is gonna be so tired and my body's gonna give up on me in this fight, cause I only have to cut 15, 20 pounds. So that's easy for me. I don't believe that my body is going to give up on me again. So yeah. I'll tell you, when my body's functioning properly, I will be there like a pistol. You will see."

Longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) bruiser Hector Lombard (via Submission Radio), who fights fellow combat sports legend Dan Henderson at UFC 199, will not be exchanging bro hugs with his "fake" opponent when the Octagon door slams shut this Saturday night (June 4, 2016) inside The Forum in Los Angeles, California. Lombard (34-5-1, 2 NC) has not registered a win in over two years, thanks to his No Contest against Josh Burkman at the UFC 182 pay-per-view (PPV) event -- which resulted in a drug test suspension -- as well as his technical knockout loss to Neil Magny last March in Australia. Henderson (31-14) has also struggled in recent outings but like "Showeather" has dynamite in his hands. Who leaves "The City of Angels" on cloud nine? Hard to predict, but I'm not sure this bangfest will see the third (or maybe even a second) round.

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