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Cyborg: UFC is full of douchebags like piece of s--t Conor McGregor and fake Ronda Rousey

If I ever get divorced, I hope my wife is as complimentary of me as Evangelista Santos is of Cristiane Justino.

Not likely!

So not only do they share the nickname "Cyborg," they also shared a marriage until 2012, when the Brazilian power couple split and went their separate ways. But just because they're no longer a twosome doesn't mean Santos won't acknowledge Justino's place among the mixed martial arts (MMA) elite.

Especially now that she's competing for the "douchebags" in UFC, according to his conversation with MMA Fighting:

"They treat fighters like dogs to promote their events and make money. They only promote (Conor) McGregor, this piece of shit. And Ronda (Rousey) was created by the media. Cris destroys her. They should have signed Cris a long time ago. She's the best in the world, there's no one to beat her. She's a warrior who never gives up, but these douchebags in the UFC spent years making fun of her. The UFC is full of douchebags. The way they treat fighters is ridiculous. I never wanted to fight in the UFC for any money. They are destroying the sport. Cris is by far the number one and there's no one to beat her, but she didn't have the opportunity to show that yet because the UFC has boycotted her. They want a pretty girl like Ronda, they don't want real fighters. The UFC knows people would compare Ronda and Cris. They made Ronda become a star, and when she was finally tested she got beat up badly and gave up. Ronda is not a real fighter. A real fighter goes down but comes back. It's easy to be a fighter when it's all good."

Despite early success, both McGregor and Rousey suffered devastating losses in recent months.

Stupid curse!

Santos is currently competing for Bellator and outside of UFC, has pretty much fought everywhere you can fight in MMA. Justino, meanwhile, makes her ZUFFA debut against Leslie Smith at the upcoming UFC 198 pay-per-view (PPV) event inside Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil, on Sat., May 14, 2016.

Their bout takes place at 140 pounds (catchweight) because UFC doesn't have a women's featherweight division.

By design?

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