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UFC Fight Night 87 results recap: Stefan Struve vs Antonio Silva fight review and analysis

Yesterday (Sun., May 8, 2016), Stefan Struve and Antonio Silva squared off at UFC Fight Night 87 inside Ahoy Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In a quick finish, Struve knocked his opponent out. Find out how below!

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight warriors Stefan Struve and Antonio Silva collided yesterday (May 8, 2016) at UFC Fight Night 87 inside Ahoy Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Following his return from his health issues, Struve has struggled to find any real consistency. He's been having issues pulling the trigger and really attacking in fights, but he was hoping to change that in front of his hometown crowd.

Silva hasn't been performing well, either. "Bigfoot" had won just one of his last six fights heading into this bout, and while the division may be quite thin, his UFC future was uncertain if he came up short.

This one didn't last long.

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For the first time in his entire career, Struve fought tall. The entire fight only lasted 16 seconds, so it wasn't that huge of a task, but he still did it in the only exchange that mattered.

As "Bigfoot" shuffled forward, Struve took a step backwards and fired a cross down the middle. That's should be a strategy in the arsenal of every tall man, and it worked perfectly here.

That cross wobbled his opponent's knees, but Silva continued to pressure into the clinch. From there, Silva was still badly stunned and dropped into a double leg takedown. However, Struve simply transitioned to dropping hard elbows on the side of his already-rocked opponent's giant skull, which was enough to finish the fight.

It was quick and violent.

Between this win and Struve's victory over "Big Nog," Struve's move to Blackzilians actually appears to be a smart one. It's still baby steps, but he's beginning to use his range and is young enough to perhaps someday make full use of it.

As for Silva, I'll keep it short. To be frank, "Bigfoot" cannot take a punch anymore. At all. He should've retired three or four fights ago, but his win over Soa Palalei -- who, despite his size, has no idea how to punch effectively on his feet -- kept him in the game to land on more highlight reels.

"Bigfoot" has two options: Retire or be knocked out.

Yesterday morning, Stefan Struve knocked out his opponent in just under 20 seconds. Can Struve finally put it all together and go on a win streak?

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