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Mayhem Miller explains botched weight cut at Venator FC: 'I just f---ed myself'

Embattled mixed martial arts (MMA) star Jason Miller made his return to combat sports last Saturday (May 21, 2016) at the Venator FC 3 in Milan, Italy, in what was supposed to be a middleweight showdown against fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Luke Barnatt.

But then "Mayhem" missed the 185-pound weight limit by a staggering 24 pounds.

So what the heck happened? According to Miller, it was a series of mistakes on his part, including his failure to take jet lag into account. In addition, the fact that he did not cut weight for over four years left him a but rusty, according to his recent chat with Chael Sonnen.

MMA Fighting transcribes:

"The truth is it happened pretty much the day of [the weigh-in]. The jet lag is one thing I forgot to take into account. Let me just tell the fighters out there in the world, if you're ever having some jet lag issues and you're trying to make weight and you're within about seven pounds of the weight, do not buy a bunch of liters of water and leave them by your bed because you too will step on the scale grossly overweight...

I was pretty light. I was like ‘alright, we're gonna do this!' But yeah the jet lag and I bought a bunch of liters of water and when I woke up the next day they were all gone and I was like 'what the fuck did I do? I'm fucked. I just fucked myself'... I feel terrible about it but the truth is it's been four damn years since I ever had to make weight so I'm not surprised."

Watch the weigh in video here.

Since Miller was unable to make the middleweight limit, Venator re-tooled the fight card and gave him a light heavyweight showdown opposite Mattia Schiavolin, who won their impromptu contest by way of second-round submission (watch the video here).

What's next for the former Bully Beatdown star?

"I really cleaned up my act and got serious about life again," he said. "I just was taking 'Mayhem' to the far extremes, the far reaches of depravity and now I'm back here into the normal human world."

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