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Nate Diaz: Mayweather vs McGregor a publicity stunt to hide the fact that 'Notorious' got his ass whooped

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Not much has been heard from either Dana White or Nate Diaz after their meeting in Stockton, California, which apparently didn't go too well according to the boss, who allegedly stormed out of their sit down.

The Stockton slugger, however, broke his silence earlier today (Weds., May 25, 2016) during a special edition of The MMA Hour.

Among the topics discussed were his meeting with the UFC higher-ups, his beef with Conor McGregor, as well as the rumored fight between "Notorious" and Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking of which, Nate says it's all a publicity stunt by all parties involved in order to hide the fact the Irishman got his ass whooped not too long ago. That, and UFC is trying to buy more time for Conor to improve in order to get one back on him.

"They hit me up after that 200 (presser) a little while later to talk about UFC 202," said Diaz. "I didn't even answer. I said, 'Alright, I wonder what's going to happen to that.' Before I know it, I was training and I hear all of this Mayweather and McGregor shit. I feel like that's just a big old publicity stunt to hide the fact that he got his ass whooped."

When the time came for his meeting with the UFC brass, Diaz said things went down the way they did.

"I just basically told them what was up. I said, 'Look, that was the biggest fight you had. A lot of people know Conor is a big draw. But I know that, whether they want to say it or not, that I put up big numbers too, they just haven't put me on pay-per-view, just FOX cards," he stated.

"So I said, that's the biggest fight you've had on 10 days notice and he's the biggest draw and I just beat the biggest draw, so, if you don't mind, I would like to be compensated better than I was the last time," he revealed. "I've said 'yes' to the McGregor fight six times and fought him once and I won."

"So you give me this up and down, you pull the UFC 200 card, which I was all for when I shouldn't have been because when the fuck have I ever gotten a rematch with anybody?' I've wanted plenty of rematches." he said. "Then they pull out, then UFC pulls out. I don't think the fight was ever on, I think they were just buying more time and now they're talking all this Mayweather shit."

"I think it's all a cover up and they are trying to hide the fact that he got his ass whooped and they want to buy him more time if we are going to fight. I think that Mayweather fight is a publicity stunt."

As far as White allegedly storming out of their meeting, Nate says it was exaggerated by TMZ.

"No, that was exaggerated. We finished talking, we walked out. It wasn't the worst meeting," clarified Diaz. "It wasn't the best meeting, but it wasn't the worst, either. It was cool, they were cool, we were cool. We didn't both leave on the happiest notes, but we are getting stuff done moving forward."

Regarding his potential rematch against McGregor, Diaz says he could care less if he fights him again or not. But if he does, he wants to get compensated for his efforts.

And this is all the leverage he needs.

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