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Conor McGregor reality show in the works with 'Notorious' sister

Esther Lin

When you want to become quasi-famous but don't have any veritable talent, you become a low-rent mixed martial arts (MMA) blogger.

Like me!

Or if you hate typing, you can open a hair salon and hope that people care enough about your famous sibling to put it on television. That's the path Erin McGregor -- sister of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion Conor McGregor -- is planning to take later this year.

Because a new business coupled with a tough pregnancy equals big laughs. If not, fans would at least get multiple cameos from her younger brother.

"I think there's a great market out there for a new reality show for Irish people," Erin told "My friends would say to me that my craziness is actually funny to watch. I just think people want to see real things that go on in your life. I've been really open about my pregnancy because it's tough going and I'm opening up my first business which is extremely difficult and now I realize why it's not for the faint hearted."

Not surprisingly, Erin is also a mark for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Her "Notorious" brother has been living out his own reality show online, battling UFC bossesundefeated boxers, and fellow featherweights part-time welterweights. Which one of those three ends up inside the cage later this year remains to be seen.

Until then, here's a funny picture you can laugh at.

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