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Here's why Demetrious Johnson is a better pound-for-pound fighter than Jon Jones

As explained by combat sports legend Bas Rutten:

"That's the sad thing, by the way, because Demetrious Johnson, he doesn't get the respect he really deserves. This guy's better than Jones, Jon Jones. He's the pound for pound best guy there is. Because his submission game is better than Jones. I'm not talking about guillotines and the other things that Jon Jones does. Demetrious Johnson can tap you with everything - with a toehold, heel hook, inverted heel hook, knee bar, you name it. Anything. Whatever mistake you make, he's gonna get that - triangle chokes. I mean, he does it all. And then on his feet, he can knock you out. On his feet, nobody's touching him and he's always out of the way when people are punching him. And he's just an unbelievable fighter. He attacks from all angles, he knocks you out with high kicks, knees to the body, knees to the head, I mean, elbows. The sky is the limit. Look at his record and then see how many different ways this guy's won."

Reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson took over the promotion's pound-for-pound list once Jon Jones coughed up his 205-pound title and got suspended from mixed martial arts (MMA). But then "Bones" eventually returned and sent "Mighty Mouse" back to the No. 2 spot (see the rankings here). That was a mistake, according to longtime bruiser Bas Rutten, who explained to Submission Radio why Johnson is more skilled -- in more areas -- than his light heavyweight counterpart. Only one way to find out, I suppose ... any chance "Bones" can make the 125-pound limit? This guy has some unique weight-cutting tips that may work.

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