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UFC featherweight contender Dennis Bermudez sets Guinness World Record

David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters stay in their lane outside of the cage. Some cross over to movies, music, modeling, and even put out fires (shout out to Stipe Miocic), but most fighters stick to training.

Unlike many of his peers, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight contender Dennis Bermudez has found himself competing outside of the Octagon. The 29-year-old New York native recently broke the Guinness World Record for fastest time to drink a liter of lemon juice through a straw, doing so in just 22.75 seconds (beating the previous time of 24 seconds).

It's certainly a weird feat, but a cool one own.

"I didn’t think I could do it, but when it’s game time, I show up," said Bermudez in an interview with MMA Junkie. "In my head, I was like, I’ll take a few gulps, it will be too sour, I’ll spit it out, and it will be funny. We’re all lined up, and they say first one to finish put your hand up, and I’m booking. I’m in it to win it."

Bermudez last fought at UFC Fight Night 83 when he defeated Tatsuya Kawajiri via unanimous decision. If his lemon juice skills carry over to the cage, "The Menace" may find himself quickly contending for the 145-pound title.

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