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UFC champion Demetrious Johnson inexplicably left off of UFC's 'Greatest fighter of all-time' poll

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson can't find the love these days.

Despite racking off eight-straight 125-pound title defenses like he was taking a stroll around the block, "Mighty Mouse" simply cannot close the distance between him and other mixed martial arts (MMA) greats in the eyes of many.

In preparation for UFC 200's momentous outing, UFC recently posted a "Greatest fighter of all-time" poll on its website (h/t Bloody Elbow). That's all well and good, but the promotion inexplicably left Johnson off the list.

The other options on the poll are as follows:

Anderson Silva
B.J. Penn
Conor McGregor
Matt Hughes
Georges St-Pierre
Ronda Rousey
Jon Jones
Jose Aldo
Fabricio Werdum
Chuck Liddell
Other (you'd submit your own name afterwards)

The promotion also mentioned the following on

As you make your decision, please note that any fighter who has competed inside the Octagon from UFC 1 up until UFC 200 is eligible for consideration, and fighters are being judged on their entire body of work in mixed martial arts. Contributing factors in the decision will include: championship reigns, win-loss record, caliber of opponent, era in which they competed, athletic innovation and historic relevance.

While many of the fighters on this list have accomplished more in tougher divisions, "Mighty Mouse" has been the quintessential pound-for-pound best fighter on the planet for the past few years. He absolutely demolishes the competition, always improves on his last outing, and has begun to finish title fights at a rapid rate.

Just goes to show you that no matter how good a fighter is, the ceiling will always be lower for a champion competing in at a smaller weight class.

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