GFL Preview: Top 5 fights to watch on Go Fight Live this weekend

Azunna Anyanwu isn't only looking to win at the slots in Atlantic City this weekend; he's also hoping to add Heavyweight Champion to his name.

The Philadelphia native is looking to hit pay dirt as he walks into the Borgata Hotel Casino anticipating a win against his heavyweight counterpart Plinio Cruz in their highly anticipated trilogy bout. is where you can catch all the action this weekend with a simple click of a button.

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Remember folks; Cage Fury FC isn't the only action going on this weekend. So without further ado, let's take a look at the top five fights to watch on GFL this week.

5. Azunna Anyanwu vs. Plinio Cruz - Cage Fury FC 58

The CFFC Heavyweight title bout is going to be interesting for numerous reasons, as both men have faced off twice before, Anyanwu is the former champ, and the belt is currently vacated.

The 34-year-old Anyanwu boasts an impressive 10-4 record, and hit 250-pound frame makes him a bona fide monster in the Heavyweight division.

While he prefers to get the finish, Anyanwu has proven that he can go the distance, winning his last fight via unanimous decision after 15 minutes of war.

Cruz isn't going to let his counterpart just walk through him though.

Both times these men have faced off, one left with a decision victory. Back at CFFC 43, Cruz took the unanimous decision after an exciting back and forth fight, but lost a split decision in their rematch for the title at CFFC 50.

Obviously there is a lot of bad blood and history between these two men, and one is hoping to silence his opponent for good with a finish this weekend.

In Heavyweight MMA, anything can happen, so don't blink, or you may miss a highlight reel knockout!

4. Danny Holmes vs. Alec Hooben - Cage Fury FC 58

CFFC 58 is dishing it out for their fans in Atlantic City this weekend.

Another bout that caught our eye from this promotion was Holmes vs. Hooben. These two Light Heavyweights are fighting for bragging rights and a chance to separate themselves from the 205-pound pack.

With the Light Heavyweight division in desperate need of fresh talent, Hooben or Holmes can make some noise this weekend with impressive performances.

Both of these men are equally matched, coming in with very similar records and experience.

After going 3-0 as an amateur, Hooben has struggled to find that same success as a pro, currently riding a 3-2 record with two finishes and two knockout losses.

As for Holmes, "Relentless" fell to 4-3 after suffering a loss in his last CFFC bout last May, but after a year off to hone his skills, expect a much better version of Holmes than we have ever seen before.

3. Brian Green vs. Justin DeMoney - True Revelation MMA 30

This bout will be one of the main courses of the weekend.

Brian Green vs. Justin DeMoney for the TRMMA Welterweight Championship is going to be one hell of a fight, and surely not one to miss.

Green has the staunch advantage in MMA experience; the man is 31-22 with A TON of fighting under his belt. Green has fought in numerous promotions on the regional scene, facing off against some very talented competition, so it's interesting to see how his experience will play a factor if he gets into deep waters.

DeMoney has one thing going for him in this fight, and that's the losing streak his opponent currently faces. Green has lost his last three bouts, so if confidence is an issue for Green, it's possible for DeMoney to exploit that and walk away with a boosted ego and the TRMMA Welterweight title.

You don't want to miss this one folks.

2. Abe Wagner vs. Daniel Gallemore - Victory Fighting Championship 50

Live in the Expocenter in Kansas, Abe Wagner vs. Daniel Gallemore will be going head to head on Saturday to crown a champ.

Wagner has clawed his way through countless promotions to get to this stage, including an unimpressive stint on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 that almost earned him his shot in the UFC.

After three straight losses and a No Contest, Wagner took two years away from the sport to hone his skills and craft, and VFC brass awarded him with a title shot upon his return.

The question is what kind of condition will Wagner be in once he enters the cage?

While he doesn't have the experience of Wagner, Gallemore doesn't shy away from any challenge that's placed in front of him. The Bellator veteran was 3-1 with three finishes in the promotion, but never got a shot to prove his worth on the main card.

Regardless, Gallemore is looking to impress UFC brass by taking out Wagner this weekend.

This is quite the opportunity for these two fighters to show what they're made of. This fight will have eyes from all over the world so confidence is a must once they step into the cage.

Remember, GFL will have the entire VFC 50 undercard streaming live and free for everyone!

1. Travis "Diesel" Wiuff vs. Brian Heden - Driller Promotions No Mercy (VOD)

To only stack up your weekend, check out this Heavyweight bout between Travis Wiuff vs. Brian Heden.

The main event for Driller promotions promises to be a nail-biter. The well-rounded UFC veteran Wiuff looks to make quick work by defeating Heden with yet another knockout, but that likely won't be an easy task.

These boys have bad blood too, as there 2014 bout ended in a controversial finish. Two years later, they will settle the score once and for all.

It'll be interesting to see how Heden keeps Wiuff at bay early on, as that is when the UFC veteran is at his most dangerous. There is no question he'll have to weather an early storm in order to take this fight into the later stages.

While Heden carries an impressive record of 27-14, his experience level just isn't up to par to Wiuff. Of course, that's not stopping Heden from going through with this challenge and that warrants respect from everyone.

Who knows, perhaps Heden has something up his sleeve to provide the best finish and fight of the week!

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