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Jon Jones reacts to UFC 198 losses by Fabricio Werdum and Vitor Belfort: 'USADA really did a number on some of these guys'

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Nostradumbass was terrible at picking fights, you should see the kind of night Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was having last Saturday (May 14, 2016) when trying to predict the winners of UFC 198 in Brazil.

"Bones" picked Nate Marquardt, Matt Brown, Vitor Belfort, and Fabricio Werdum.

Marquardt was knocked out by Thiago Santos, Brown was subbed by Demian Maia, Belfort was pounded out by Ronaldo Souza, and Werdum was knocked out by Stipe Miocic. So, what led to so many losses by a quartet of seasoned mixed martial arts (MMA) veterans?

Jones has a theory:

Purely speculation, of course.

That said, it's been a tumultuous year for some of the bigger attractions in MMA, thanks to a comprehensive drug testing program designed to clean up the drug problem in UFC (details). Some of the names making headlines this year are Frank MirLyoto Machida, and Yoel Romero, just to name a few.

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