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Fabricio Werdum wants Stipe Miocic championship rematch at UFC 200 in July

Instant rematches are usually reserved for fights the end in controversial fashion -- or for Conor McGregor simply because he's Conor McGregor-- be it a highly-questionable judges decision or a bout that ends up being a thrilling back-and-forth affair.

Fabricio Werdum's beatdown at the hands of Stipe Miocic at last night's (Sat., May 14, 2016) UFC 198 event  in Curitiba, Brazil was neither, as "Vai Cavalo" was cleanly knocked out by the American with a single punch in the very first round (see it again here).

Nevertheless, Werdum seems to think he warrants an instant do-over in order to attempt to reclaim his Heavyweight title. At least that's what "Vai Cavalo" stated during his backstage interview,

"He beat me for sure, 100-percent. Heavyweight is so hard, one punch and that is it. The lights go black and he knocked me out for sure, 100-percent. Congratulations for him, but I think the best way is a rematch, because I have a six fights win, I think the best thing is a rematch for sure. I don't have injury, my body is great, he just got it, you know? One punch as that's it. I will be more calm in rematch, I have five rounds to beat him. Tonight, he beat me but I think I am more complete. A rematch soon, the commission give me 30 days off, but maybe UFC 200. I think that will be a very good rematch there."

Not a strong enough case if you ask me, for the simple reason that it was Fabricio's first-ever attempt to defend his strap, so it's not like he was a long-standing champion; which is usually another cause for instant do-over's.

Plus, Alistair Overeem has pretty much already secured his place as the next title contender.

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