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UFC president Dana White says Fertitta brothers will one day own NFL team

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta not only own the mass majority of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but they've made a billionaire living out of running casinos throughout Las Vegas.

As two of the most powerful men in mixed martial arts (MMA), seeing as they run the biggest promotion in the world, the Fertitta brothers command much notoriety.

In a recent interview with Jim Rome (h/t FOX Sports for translation), UFC president Dana White, who knows Lorenzo and Uncle Frank's business prowess more than anyone, stated that the wealthy duo will one day own a National Football League (NFL) team.

"Here’s the thing — as you know you can’t own an NFL team if you’re involved with casinos," said White. "So if they were really making a serious move at the Raiders, they’d be selling Station Casinos not the UFC."

White is eluding to a recent report by ESPN that UFC is currently up for sale, with an asking price allegedly close to $4 billion.

"But it is 100-percent a fact, they are hardcore football fans and I promise you one day the Fertitta brothers will own an NFL team," added White. "No doubt about it."

If the Fertitta brothers are able to run a football team like they do a MMA organization, they'll be some of the best owners around.

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