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Latest 'Pacquiao vs Bradley 3' Vegas odds, prop bets and gambling guide

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We're fast approaching Manny Pacquiao's third bout with Timothy Bradley, which takes place later TONIGHT (Sat., April 9, 2016) inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. That means it's crunch time for the enterprising gamblers.

As always with "PacMan" fights, the bookies have released a multitude of odds and prop bets to satisfy even the most anal-retentive degenerate.

Let's say we take a look?

Fight Odds

Manny Pacquiao (-225) vs. Timothy Bradley (+175)

Round Props

Over/Under 1.5 Rounds -- (-10000/+1200)
Over/Under 2.5 Rounds -- (-6500/+1100)
Over/Under 3.5 Rounds -- (-3000,+900))
Over/Under 4.5 Rounds -- (-1800/+650)
Over/Under 5.5 Rounds -- (-1400/+575)
Over/Under 6.5 Rounds -- (-1100/+525)
Over/Under 7.5 Rounds -- (-800/+425)
Over/Under 8.5 Rounds -- (-625/+350)
Over/Under 9.5 Rounds -- (-500/+300)
Over/Under 10.5 Rounds -- (-400/+250)
Over/Under 11.5 Rounds -- (-375/+240)

Round Betting: Manny Pacquiao/Tim Bradley wins:

In Round One -- (+5000/+7500)
In Round Two -- (+5000/+7500)
In Round Three -- (+4500/+7000)
In Round Four -- (+4000/+6500)
In Round Five -- (+3500/+6000)
In Round Six -- (+3000/+6000
In Round Seven -- (+3000/+5500)
In Round Eight -- (+2500/+5500)
In Round Nine -- (+2500/+5000)
In Round Ten -- (+2500/+5000)
In Round Eleven -- (+2500/+5000)
In Round Twelve -- (+2500/+5000)
On Points -- (EVEN/+260)

Fight Props: Manny Pacquiao/Tim Bradley wins by:

Knockout, technical knockout or disqualification -- (+375/+550)
Decision or Technical decision -- (EVEN/+260)
Draw or Technical Draw -- (+1600)

Round Betting: Manny Pacquiao/Tim Bradley wins:

In Round 1-3 -- (+1800/+2500)
In Round 4-6 -- (+1400/+2000)
In Round 7-9 -- (+1200/+2000)
In Round 10-12 -- (+1000/+2000)
In Round 1-4 -- (+1200/+1600)
In Round 5-8 -- (+1000/+1400)
In Round 9-12 -- (+900/+1200)
In Round 1-6 -- (+1000/+1400)
In Round 7-12 -- (+700/+1100)

Other Bets-Fight Ends In:

Odd/Even Numbered Round -- (+500/+500)

Will the Fight Go the Distance:

Yes/No -- (-350/+230)

Analysis: I do not see this fight-ending inside the distance. On one side, Pacquiao hasn't scored a knockout in more than six years and Bradley's durable to a nearly Superhuman degree. On the other, "Desert Storm" is not a consistent finisher in any way, shape or form.

That takes most of these props off the table.

Honestly, the best bet is probably Pacquiao by decision, which is currently sitting at even odds. Twenty-four rounds of action between the two have given a fairly clear picture of the stylistic match up and it definitely favors Pacquiao. I doubt "PacMan" slows down enough for that to change now, even with Bradley's resurgence under Teddy Atlas.

It ain't a risky pick, but it's the right one. will deliver LIVE coverage of "Pacquiao vs. Bradley 3" Saturday night (Sat., April 9, 2016), starting with the HBO PPV broadcast at 9 p.m. ET. We will also offer a stream for the various non-televised undercard bouts, which feature top prospects Oleksandr Gvozdyk and Egidijus Kavaliauskas, among others, starting at 6 p.m. ET.

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