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Bob Arum: UFC fans are voting for Donald Trump to help save white America

Fossilized fight promoter Bob Arum, who insists mixed martial arts (MMA) is for skinheads and homosexuals, is also convinced that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fans will be voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.


"The fans of the UFC are Donald Trump supporters," Arum told Fight Hub TV. "Fans of boxing support Hillary (Clinton), Bernie (Sanders), maybe John Casey, so there's a difference. UFC fans are Trump supporters, white males who are desperately afraid that this country in 20 years will be a non-white majority country."

Former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen might want to think twice about that Trump vote.

Even though he was forced to go on record to profess his love for UFC, Arum is a longtime hater of MMA, probably because Dana White and Co. took a big bite out of the combat sports business, which has long been dominated by the "sweet science."

I think this guy said it best.

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