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WrestleMania video: Brock Lesnar attacked with barbed-wire bat a la Negan from Walking Dead

Guys, this was a really close call.

Thank god former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight kingpin Brock Lesnar has those cat-like reflexes, or he could have ended up getting his brains scrambled by Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32 last Sunday night (April 3, 2016) in Arlington, Texas.

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It's really unfair that Ambrose, who tried to legitimately hurt Lesnar in their non-sanctioned "street fight," was able to escape the "Lone Star State" without being charged for attempted murder. I don't know what kind of tin-badge security team was manning the event, but they can expect an angry letter from your truly.


The good news is, Lesnar won because he's the greatest pro wrestler to ever pro wrestle and I know he would still be UFC heavyweight champion if not for his debilitating disease. I know the headlines said it was diverticulitis but I don't believe that, he was poisoned by some jealous UFC heavyweight -- I'm sure of it.

That's okay, it was probably better this way (for him).

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