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Frye: UFC champion Daniel Cormier's 'worthless' trash talk sounds like a Cosby kid

While many weren't too impressed with the comeback performance Jon Jones at UFC 197 against Ovince Saint Preux, others -- like Don Frye -- aren't too thrilled with anything current Light Heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, does either.

Whether it's trash talking or trying to produce inside the Octagon, Frye -- a former UFC tournament winner from way back when -- is not impressed with Cormier's output in any arena, labeling him the most "overrated" and "worthless" talker he's ever seen. Speaking to Submission Radio, "The Predator" predicted that when "DC" and Bones" duke it out for a second time, it will be pretty much the same result as their first fight, which saw Jones defeat Cormier via unanimous decision. He also took a shot at American Kickboxing Academy's (AKA) training methods.

He breaks it down:

"Oh my God, it will be the same thing. It will be the same thing. Cormier is the most overrated, underperforming, worthless trash talker I've ever heard. And he sounds like one of the Cosby kids -- just "bedee-bedee-bedee-bedee." You can't understand a damn thing he's saying. You know? And he keeps repeating the same stuff and he's not producing anything. And I don't know what the hell's going on up there at AKA, but you know, either get a new trainer or new training partners or sparring partners. You know, they're all getting hurt. Geez, they gotta do something differently and be smart enough to protect their fighters or they're all going to starve to death."

Tell us how you really feel, Don.

Furthermore, the retired mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer says he doesn't view Cormier as the real 205-pound champion seeing as how he never actually won it from the man Frye believes it really belongs to ... the aforementioned Jones.

To hear Frye's entire interview in which he labels "DC" a wannabe "badass," click play in the embedded video above.

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