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Live Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux fight updates, UFC 197: Round 4

Between rounds, Saint Preux's corner pleaded with him to turn up the performance, likely realizing he's down on the judges scorecards heading into the championship rounds. He things started with a pair of leg kicks, then another, which Jones attempted to counter with a left hook. Jones was able to mush him up against the fence and slam him to the mat, but Saint Preux quickly got back to his feet. The action stalled a bit midway through round four until Jones rushed in with two sneaky elbows to Saint Preux's face. Jones once again got him trapped against the fence, scored a takedown, but this time did not let him up. Jones, from side control, began to unload elbows as Saint Preux tried to wall walk his way out. He was unsuccessful as Jones continued to plug his ears with elbows, while at the same time angle for a submission on Saint Preux's arm. In a scramble, Jones was able to secure full mount. Saint Preux rolled to his belly as Jones bashed him from behind. Jones got to his feet and continued to dish out the punishment as Saint Preux flailed on the apron. He was eventually saved by the bell, but it is clear that the round took a lot out of him.

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