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Bookies lay 2-to-1 odds that Conor McGregor joins WWE following UFC retirement

Yes, really.

Will Conor McGregor cross over to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) arena?

According to one bookmaker,, "Notorious" is likely to do that following his abrupt retirement from mixed martial arts (MMA), which occurred on Tuesday (April 19, 2016) before Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White revealed Conor was pulled from UFC 200.

Read all about it here and here.

With seemingly nothing but time and options at his disposal, McGregor -- should he stick to his retirement plans -- can now contemplate his next move.

Below are the top five probabilities:

To appear on WWE before 31st December 2016 - 2-1
To fight in the UFC again 4-1
To appear in a movie 7-1
To become a fight promoter 10-1
To Run for Irish Prime Minister 200-1

He certainly has the personality for it.

It's no secret there has always been a crossover connection between MMA and WWE, as Brock Lesnar jumped over to the Octagon to become the heavyweight champion, while other such as Bobby Lashley have found mediocre success.

The verdict, though, is still out on this guy.

Conor moving over to WWE is not too far-fetched, especially since fellow Irish star and WWE Diva Becky Lynch has already offered an invite. Plus, his head train John Kavanagh sent out this not-so cryptic post on Instagram:

New job uniform

A photo posted by Coach Kavanagh (@coach_kavanagh) on

Of course, the possibility of Conor returning to the Octagon is also very high.

That's according to Dana White, who recently told Colin Cowherd that if "Notorious" can man up and clear the air -- and fast -- he could re-earn his spot on the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) event of the year.

Until then, UFC fans might have to be prepared to tune to WWE shows if they want to catch a glimpse of McGregor.

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