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UFC's Brittney Palmer files $1 million lawsuit against her husband for 2015 assault and battery incident

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In July of 2015, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer was allegedly attacked by her husband Aaron Zalewski in Los Angeles, California, when a domestic dispute turned very violent.

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Zalewski was arrested on June 12 and charged with attempted murder, spousal battery, and criminal threats but was released on $1 million bail.

The charges were eventually dropped by the District Attorney's office, who ultimately forwarded the case to the city's attorney's office, who, according to Bloody Elbow, will likely only sentence him to anger management if he admits to the crime.

Now, Aaron has another battle on his hands, as Palmer has filed a lawsuit against him with the Los Angeles County Courts for assaulting her. The lawsuit was turned in to the courts with the help of her lawyer, Christopher Darden, who rose to fame for his part in the OJ Simpson trial.

From the report:

Her list of causes of actions for the lawsuit include assault and battery from the incident on July 11, conversion related to Zalewski wrongfully taking possession of the 2014 Bentley automobile he had given to her as a gift, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, and gender violence which under California Civil Code are acts of physical force, violence, or intimidation by threats of violence or use of physical force, committed against a person because their sex and/or gender. She alleges damages for physical injury, emotional stress, loss of earnings and earnings capacity from her employment, and the loss of her Bentley automobile. She is asking for a judgment on all those plus reasonable attorney's fees and punitive and exemplary damages according to proof of $1,000,000.

According to the lawsuit, things got very violent the night of June 11, 2015, as Palmer claims her husband not only slammed her on the bed and floor repeatedly, but he held her face down and suffocated her to the point of losing consciousness.

Furthermore, he allegedly started scratching himself in an attempt to make it look as if Brittney was the aggressor. He also tried to convince Palmer to take the fall by getting her to say she was suicidal and he was only trying to protect her.

The incident was something Palmer says in the lawsuit came to a head after he insisted she leave the entertainment and television business or expect a divorce.

To get more specific and disturbing details regarding the assault and the lawsuit, click here.

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