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Dancing with the Stars video: Watch Paige VanZant swap partners, rock the Rumba

Okay, so it turns out the Rumba is not that little robot vacuum inspired by the movie Runaway.

My mistake.

Instead, it's some fancy-shmancy dance that was put on display during week five of Dancing with the Stars, starring Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight sensation Paige VanZant. "12 Gauge" unloaded with her partner Sasha Farber during "Perfect (Stripped)" by One Direction.

Last night (Mon., April 18, 2016) was "switch up night" which means you get a different partner, because what reality show would be complete without goofy stipulations? Actually, now that I think about it, how cool would it be if UFC had "switch up night" before each event?

Oh wait, we already have that.

VanZant, who was the odds-on favorite to win the show, is currently in third place (find out how to vote here). To see what she did last week -- based on a popular Disney-Pixar movie -- click here.

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