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Something's fishy! Urijah Faber has a problem with floppy boobs and back fat

Longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Urijah Faber is gearing up for his rubber match with Dominick Cruz, which takes place at the upcoming UFC 199 pay-per-view (PPV) event on Sat., June 4, 2016 inside The Forum in Los Angeles, California.

"The California Kid" went down on points the last time they fought, a five-round headliner at UFC 132 in summer 2011. So, what's changed between now and then? According to Faber's conversation with the boys at Submission Radio, quite a bit.

Especially now that Dominick Cruz (and everyone else) must answer to United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA):

"I've seen a drastic change in his body from the very first time that I fought him, to a year later when he fought, when he took the whole year off and came back all ripped. Then he looked pretty good two years ago when he made his long-awaited return, physically. And then all of a sudden he's got floppy boobs and back fat. I mean, there's no secret what's going on there - and I know he knows it. The truth is, I've looked the same since I've been like 13-years-old. I've continued to be an athlete, I've continued to stay healthy. There's something fishy going on there, and he knows and I know, that there's a big advantage coming to me because of that. And I'll just leave that at that and let USADA do their job."

Faber insists he's still in for a tough fight, despite his opponent's decline in physicality.

Cruz was sidelined for the better part of five years as a result of recurring injuries. Now that he's back on top -- thanks to a unanimous decision victory over TJ Dillashaw -- it's almost like he never left. Faber hopes to change that when they collide in less than two months.

For much more on that pending rubber match click here.

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