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Boxing's Adrien Broner indicted for felony assault and robbery

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Those of you in the mood for schadenfreude are in luck.

The ever-so-hateable Adrien Broner was indicted yesterday on felony charges stemming from an alleged incident over high-stakes bowling, according to Sherdog. Our friends over at Bad Left Hook have more on said incident (read it), which reportedly saw Broner lose a tidy sum to the eventual victim, then chase him into the parking lot and recoup his losses at gunpoint.

Warrants first went out for Broner's arrest just days before a planned fight with Ashley Theophane. Since the warrant was only for his local Ohio, however, "The Problem" got the go-ahead to face Theophane in Washington D.C.'s Armory, ultimately stopping the Floyd Mayweather protege in the ninth round after losing his belt on the scales.

Broner turned himself in the following Monday and soon posted bail, only to wind up back in jail almost immediately due to violating probation from an earlier reckless driving charge.

This whole saga has been a heady mix of absurd and sad. If the "About Billions" persona was an act before, it's not now.

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