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Ronda Rousey eyes Octagon return at UFC 205 inside New York's Madison Square Garden

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently announced its intention to stage the upcoming UFC 205 pay-per-view (PPV) event on Sat., Nov. 12, 2016 inside Madison Square Garden in New York City.

That's according to UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, who was on hand in "The Big Apple" today (April 14) to celebrate the legalization of mixed martial arts (MMA), signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo (video).

But he wasn't alone.

Joining him was former UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, who spent the last few years campaigning for MMA in "The Empire State" (proof). Now that dream has become a reality and "Rowdy" has her eyes on "The World's Most Famous Arena."


"I want a tie to a historical place like this and I want to be remembered in a positive way. I would love to have the opportunity to fight here because this is another time I feel like I earned the right to fight here because I fought for it. It wasn't just something that fell on my plate; I was part of the process and I think that's what a lot of the New York fighters will be feeling when they finally get to fight in their hometown."

Not coincidentally, Rousey was already pegged for a November return.

"I'm very excited about the November match here at The Garden," Cuomo said. "I'm not a promoter, but boy, if Ronda Rousey fought here in November, that would be a hell of an event. I would call in to reserve my seat right now."

We definitely know "Rowdy" is returning in 2016, we just don't know who she'll fight when she does (yet).

My guess is the winner of this bout.

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