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Floyd Mayweather: Boxing wants me back, but I'm getting into MMA (video)

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Floyd Mayweather is not coming back to the sport of boxing.

That's according to "Money" himself, who recently told Fight Hype that he doesn't plan on fighting again after retiring last year following his unanimous decision win over Andre Berto; despite the fact that the "sweet science" desperately wants him back.

Especially because of this.

As the pound-for-pound great recently declared, he now plans to shift his focus to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

As a promoter.

"They want me back, but it's time for me to move on to MMA. I'm talking about as far as getting to... start promoting fights for the MMA. I'm ready to get involved in that business now. Of course, you already know what the MGM Grand stands for, 'Mayweather Gets Money.' I'm still doing that, every month the check comes in. We're talking about my smart investments. I got to thank Al Hayman, man, you put that deal together. And I got that big, big money."

Floyd Mayweather has a love/hate relationship with the sport of MMA. One minute he's bashing the sport and getting into it with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White, the next he says he wouldn't mind promoting some fights.

Still, it's not certain how concrete his plans are to actually get into the MMA promoting business. But if he does, you can bet he has the funds and resources to pull it off.

Anyone expect anything to come from this revelation?