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Kimbo Slice: Commission shouldn't punish fighters who use 'extra vitamins' to perform

"I don't think the commissioners should really blackball fighters for having to use a little extra vitamins to perform. 'Cause we're entertainers. We perform on a high level. We put our body through some extreme workout to entertain the public and the media. The commissioners should sit down and come to an agreement on what levels should be okay. The levels should be okay for professional entertainers on that level. You know, not so much like some guy who's doing this for a living. We're not those guys. We're just performing for a certain time. So yes, our levels should be just a little bit above normal. That should be okay in the professional world."

Longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) attraction Kevin Ferguson (via Bloody Elbow) wants the state athletic commission to rethink its policy on "extra vitamins" when it comes to aging headliners like "Kimbo Slice," who flunked his Bellator 149 drug test (details) following last February's victory over DaDead 5000. Ferguson argues that he's not a full-time fighter (though I'm sure the boys at Spike TV wish he was) and his main interest is entertaining the fans. If that means spiking his Miami lemonade then so be it, and to be fair, this is not the first time we're heard this argument. Maybe it's time to resurrect exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)?

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