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Frank Mir says he'll likely retire from MMA if suspended two years by USADA

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Mir found himself in hot water after he was flagged for a potential failed drug test by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) stemming back to his UFC Fight Night 85 bout with Mark Hunt.

One he lost via first-round knockout (see it again here).

Of course, Mir has maintained his innocence, saying that he has never indulged in performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), despite that fact that he was detected with having oral turinabol metabolites in his system, which is an anabolic steroid.

Still, should USADA suspend him for the standard two years for his first infraction, the former Heavyweight champion says his days as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter will likely be over.

That was probably my last time fighting," Mir said. ... "I don't see any other way around it. Age is catching up to me now. I'm not gonna get any younger in the next two years," said Mir on his Phone Booth Fighting podcast (via MMA Fighting).

Mir says he is still confused as to what could have triggered a positive result, saying that had he been on some kind of PED, his bod would've shown that.

I'm like, 'I have no clue,'" Mir said. "I know that sounds stupid. I'm not an unintelligent individual. I know that if I said I had an injury and I made a mistake, I was tired of being fat, so that's why now I have a six pack, that would be a viable idea. My physique has been such a troubling issue for the last couple of years. I could see me stepping over to the dark side or seeing someone believe that. 'Well, Mir has been fat, he showed up in his last fight with a six-pack. I believe he did it.'"

Mir says he has a therapeutic usage exemption to take Adderal. If that didn't cause the red flag, maybe it was the kangaroo meat.

Mir says he does plan on fighting any potential sanctions, something he says will likely happen, as he's already been presumed guilty despite a past clean record.

"I'm not a dumb guy," Mir said. "The writing is on the wall. The suspension is already in. The molecule is there."

The infraction will not only cost him his fighting career with UFC, but more than likely his other endeavors with the company, as he says he was pulled from his analyst duties, which were set for today's (Sun., April 9, 2016) UFC Fight Night 86: "Rothwell vs. Dos Santos" event in Zagreb, Croatia.

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