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Kickboxer: 'Dickhead' Jon Jones started trouble at UFC press conference, then hid behind his fat brother

Esther Lin

How easily can Jon Jones get under people's skin?

According to one of Daniel Cormier's training partners, Chi Lewis-Parry, "Bones" has a knack to do just that, even if he just met you. As the heavyweight kickboxer recently admitted on The MMA Hour, he previously didn't have any opinion of Jon, but after having two separate run-ins with him last Friday (March 4, 2015) in Las Vegas, he quickly came to the conclusion that "Bones" isn't who he appears to be on camera.

As Parry -- who competes under the ONE banner (6-0) as well as GLORY (2-1) -- so eloquently puts it, Jones became the "biggest dick on the planet," as the former light heavyweight champion of the world started trash talking him for no reason.

"We were at the studios filming with Joe Rogan filming that 'Face Off' thing. And Jones, like I said, I have no opinion of the guy, obviously you have to respect his accomplishments. Well, they are doing their interview and Jon seems very professional. Again, I had no opinion, that didn't change it, and they finished the interview. As soon as we step outside, the guy turns into the biggest dick on the planet. Can I use profanity? He is a big, fat chubby dick. That guy is an absolute knob. Where I come from you wouldn't give him the time of day. Now my opinion of him is zero respect for the guy. He starts smack talking and using stuff that I wouldn't repeat to Daniel. We kind of laughed it off, and we were just about to get into the car and leave, and he made it personal by saying 'Get in the car you big bitch.' So, there is no reason for me to interact with him, you're fighting Daniel, not me. So he is standing there with his hands in his pocket like he is God's gift. So I told him, 'Look, if you really want to get around the security guards, you can.' But, he stood behind this 600-pound security guard who couldn't catch a tennis ball if you threw it at him. So that was the first interaction I had with him."

An hour later is when things really got heated backstage at the "Unstoppable" press conference. This time, though, it was a family affair, as he revealed that Jones had backup in the form of his brother, who happens to be a pro football player in the NFL.

"A little over an hour later, we are backstage at the press conference and he sends his big, fat, chubby brother Anastasia Jones, or whatever his name is, and he wants to start talking smack, defending Jon. Jones it seemed like he was hiding behind him. I don't care how tough he thinks he is, he was hiding behind his brother. His brother was calling me all sorts while he was backing up. I'm not a big fan of disrespect. I never disrespected them, but they quickly became fans of me."

Parry -- who only recently started training with Cormier -- stands at 6'9 and weighs 245 pounds and says Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or not, he is willing to fight Jon if he decides to move up a weight class. Plus, he has no problems taking on his "fat sister," either.

Furthermore, Chi -- who is also a talented basketball player who tried out for the Los Angeles Lakers -- says the third confrontation between him and Jon will be nothing more than "Bones" running into his massive fists.

You've been warned.

Jones and Cormier are set to collide once again for the 205-pound title at UFC 197 on April 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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