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Live Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz fight updates, UFC 196: Round 2 -- DIAZ CHOKES OUT MCGREGOR!!!

McGregor appears to have gotten the best of Diaz in the first and he continues to push the pace to start the second stanza. McGregor pushed forward with a combination of kicks, and then a left hand, as Diaz shows a different stance. McGregor continues to slam home the left hand, which Diaz can't seem to avoid at this point. Diaz gets McGregor up against the cage but is unable to do anything with it. Diaz's face at this point is a bloody mess, but that doesn't stop him from landing a nice one-two combination on McGregor's beard. Diaz continues with the jab as McGregor finally finds a home for his uppercut. Huge combination from Diaz wobbles McGregor. DIAZ SLAPS HIM WITH AN OPEN HAND! McGregor seems out on his feet as Diaz bludgeons him with left hands along the fence. McGregor now fires back, but he is still clearly hurt. McGregor goes for a takedown and Diaz immediately goes for a guillotine choke, but is too bloody to secure it as McGregor swims out. But, he is not out of danger. Diaz has his back, hooks in and he's got it in. HE"S GOT IT IN! McGregor taps and the referee pulls Diaz off of McGregor. Holy smokes, Nick Diaz just bagged and tagged McGregor to win via second round submission. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

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