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UFC 196 results: Miesha Tate mounts incredible comeback, chokes Holly Holm unconscious to win Bantamweight belt late in final round

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Watch the incredible video highlights from UFC 196 last night!

Looking to prove that she is much more than just a one hit wonder, undefeated women's Bantamweight champion Holly Holm tonight (Sat., March 5, 2016) looked to build on her shocking upset of Ronda Rousey with her first-ever title defense at the expense of perennial top-ranked 135-pound contender, Miesha Tate.

It didn't happen, but boy was she close.

Holm and Tate collided in the pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event of UFC 196, which took place inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. And after 4.5 back-and-forth rounds, it was Tate who stormed back from the brink of defeat to put Holm to sleep late in the fifth and final round.

It was immediately clear that Tate was not about to fall into the same aggressive Rousey trap, keeping a very safe distance more than one minute into the bout before even attempting a jab. Holm connected with a nice kick and then, moments later, Tate caught her next and attempted to turn it into a takedown, but was unsuccessful. Holm slammed home a stiff jab midway through the round, her best strike up until that point. Tate continued to play keep away, but it appeared that her eye sustained significant damage from that one jab alone. She dove in with a right-left combination, but Holm was able to avoid both. Holm launched a head kick that Tate was able to block at the very last second just before a very cautious first round came to a close.

Tate appeared to come out a little more aggressive to start round two and was able to duck under a punch and take down Holm with a slick trip four minutes remaining in the round. Tate worked hard to find openings from top position as Holm wiggled and moved to avoid damage. Tate landed several short, hard elbows as Holm attempted to worm her way to the cage, which she could use to get back to her feet. But, Tate would not allow her, landing more elbows and eventually taking Holm's back as she tried to get back to her feet. Tate was able to eventually get her forearm under Holm's chin and then sat back with a full body triangle. Holm was somehow able to defend and survive a serious rear-naked choke attempt. She was eventually saved by the bell, but she endured a brutal round.

Holm appeared fine coming out for round three despite the grueling effort she turned in to survive the previous frame. Tate applied the early pressure, but once again continued to eat several stiff jabs. Tate went for another takedown midway through the match, but Holm was able to remain upright this time. Holm began to fire her legs a bit more down the stretch in combination with her highly successful left jab. Tate began to press with one minute to go and Holm made her pay with hard kicks to her legs and body.

To start the championship rounds, Holm stalked Tate, landing more side kicks that "Cupcake" attempted to turn into a takedown. She didn't get it, though, as the pair returned to the center of the Octagon after grappling along the cage. Tate didn't appear to want to engage beyond that, feinting and looking to cut off the cage from Holm, but not much else. She want for another takedown with 90 seconds to go, but Holm sprawled and brawled her way back to her feet. With 30 seconds to go, Holm connected with a clubbing right hand -- and then a blistering combination -- that sent Tate into retreat. Holm connected with another heel to Tate's bread basket just as the fourth round came to a close.

Fifth and final, which Tate more than likely needed more than Holm if the fight were to go the distance. And she came out with purpose, pushing the pace only to get blasted with another straight left. Holm kept up the pressure with more side kicks to Tate's abdomen, likely keeping thwarting the idea of another takedown attempt. Tate finally caught her along the cage with three minutes to go, but Holm was able to reverse position and get away from the cage. Tate came in for a sloppy takedown and Holm made her pay with a kick and then a spinning backfist as she circled away from danger. But, with two minutes to go, Holm was able to get Holm down and then hung on for the ride. As Holm went to the cage to try and get back to her feet, Tate jumped on her back and sunk in a rear-naked choke before Holm knew what was going on. Holm stood up in an effort to defend, but it only made the situation worse. The pair crashed to the canvas and Holm torqued her hold tighter, eventually putting Holm to sleep to become the new women's Bantamweight champion of the world.

Wow, what an incredible comeback!

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