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Bellator 151 results: LIVE 'Warren vs Caldwell' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 151: "Warren vs. Caldwell" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Mar. 4, 2016) from inside WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Okla., featuring a key bantamweight match between former champion Joe Warren and his undefeated opponent Darrion Caldwell.

Warren is working his way back to title contention following a memorable loss to Marcos Galvao last year which cost him the bantamweight title. Standing in his way is "The Wolf" Darrion Caldwell at 8-0, with five of those eight wins in Bellator, including a first round submission at Bellator 143.

Key ranking fights in other weight classes can be found across the board. welterweight Fernando Gonzalez will try to notch his fifth straight MMA win against newcomer Gilbert Smith. Two featherweights with title ambitions collide as Bubba Jenkins faces Goiti Yamauchi. Joe Taimanglo vs. Sirwan Kakai at Bantamweight rounds out the Spike TV card.

Bellator 151 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 151) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!

Joe Warren vs. Darrion Caldwell -- Caldwell via sub (RNC) 3:23 R1.
Gilbert Smith vs. Fernando Gonzalez -- Gonzalez SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Goiti Yamauchi vs. Bubba Jenkins -- Jenkins UD 29-28, 30-27, 29-27.
Sirwan Kakai vs. Joe Taimanglo -- Taimanglo UD 29-28 X3.
Chris Jones vs. Ray Wood -- Wood by TKO 3:10 R1.
Steve Garcia vs. Ricky Turcios -- Turcious SD 28-29, 30-27 X2.
Justin Patterson vs. Chance Rencountre -- Patterson SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Roger Carroll vs. Neiman Gracie -- Gracie UD 30-26, 30-27 Xx.
Derek Palmer vs. Jermayne Barnes -- Barnes via sub (strikes) 1:17 R2.


Joe Warren vs. Darrion Caldwell

Caldwell is in the black trunks with red legs tonight. He's undefeated at 8-0. His opponent Warren is 13-4 and wearing Hayabusa FTS trunks. Caldwell hails from Rahway, New Jersey but fights out of Tempe, Arizona. Warren hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan but fights out of Denver, Colorado. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta. Warren reluctantly taps gloves with Caldwell during final instructions.

Round 1: Caldwell gets a takedown 10 seconds into the fight. Warren is able to quickly scramble to his feet but Caldwell gets him down again at 45 seconds and is jacking Warren with left hands to the head. Warren gets his second warning from Miragliotta for putting his fingers inside Caldwell's gloves. Caldwell sweeps the legs when Warren tries to stand and is heavy on his back without any hooks in. 2:20 gone and it has been all Caldwell. Joe Warren fires off a reverse elbow and Caldwell flips him ass over tea kettle with a suplex.Caldwell finally gets the hooks in and goes for the rear naked choke. Miragliotta waves it off as Caldwell gets the stoppage at 3:23 - backflipping to celebrate!!

Final result: Darrion Caldwell via technical submission (rear naked choke) at 3:23 of the first round.


Gilbert Smith vs. Fernando Gonzalez

Smith is 12-4 and Gonzalez is 24-13. Smith is in the white trunks and Gonzalez the black. Smith makes his Bellator debut fighting out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Gonzalez goes for his fight straight Bellator MMA win fighting out of Menifee, California. Our referee is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Smith gets a takedown at 54 seconds and goes for a guillotine as Gonzalez slams and punches his way free. Gonzalez lands a knee as Smith tries to get back on top and keeps on firing off elbows. Gonzalez gets back up with a knee to the chest and tries to put all his wweight on Smith's back as he goes for a single leg. Gonzalez fires away with shots to the head and the body as he sprawls then pulls guard for a guillotine. Smith rolls his way out of danger and tries to go for a single leg. Smith's trunks have come down around his knees during the exchanges but thankfully his underwear is still in place. He's on top trying to hammer on Gonzalez as R1 ends.

Round 2: Both men are happy to stand and trade in the first minute of R2. Gonzalez sprawls to block two takedown attempts from Smith but he still dumps Gonzalez against the fence at 1:29. McCarthy is bored with what he sees and calls for more work at 2:15. Smith tries to posture up and do damage but Gonzalez keeps tying up his arms. Another call for work at 3:30 and Gonzalez responds by escaping and getting on top. Smith gets up at 4:01 and double legs Gonzalez right back down. We get two more calls for work with a half minute to go. They're stood up and turn to face each other as the clapper sounds and neither lands a kill shot before the bell.

Round 3: Smith fires off some heavy hands and takes Gonzalez down 36 seconds into R3. Gonzalez gets a warning to watch the back of the head as he gets free and fires some shots. They reset trade and it's right back to the ground again at the two minute mark. Smith is slowly but effectively eating up the time and stifling Gonzalez' offense. McCarthy wants work though and twice calls for Smith to do more. Gonzalez is looking at McCarthy and practically begging for a stand-up. Another call for work at 3:03. Gonzalez gets up as Smith fires a knee and sprawls his way on top in half guard. Gonzalez tries to lay on some heavy elbows and hard right hands in the last minute. Smith gets up with 20 seconds left and he's swinging for the fences. Gonzalez lands the last kick and they tap gloves to end the war.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Smith, 29-28 Gonzalez, 29-28 for Gonzalez by split decision.


Goiti Yamauchi vs. Bubba Jenkins

Round 1: Yamauchi is in the red trunks, 19-2 overall. Jenkins is in the white trunks at 10-2. Yamauchi fights out of Curitiba, Brazil and Jenkins fights out of Long Beach, California. Our ref is Jason Herzog. Yamauchi quickly moves forward throwing kicks as Jenkins shuffles back and forth against the cage. They tie up briefly and Jenkins breaks free. Yamauchi puts a leg high in the air as Jenkins throws a kick but still can't get him down, so instead he jumps on the back and gets both hooks in. Yamauchi tries to soften him up with the left hand and slide that right arm under the chin. Jenkins fights for wrist control. He's close at the three minute mark but has to let it go. Jenkins is keeping his chin tucked but when he lets go of Yamauchi's arms his left ear gets boxed. Yamauchi is over the chin at 4:16 and lets it go again. Jenkins only escapes right before time expires. It's a dominant 10-9 round one for Yamauchi.

Round 2: Jenkins gets a takedown to full guard a half minute into R2. Yamauchi goes for a kimura off his back. Jenkins tries to hammer fist his way out of trouble. Then he tries to elbow the ribs. Yamauchi finally lets go at 2:41 and eats some hard left hands. Yamauchi is trying to tie up the arm for a sub but Jenkins responds with some good ground and pound. He backs off with 25 seconds left and Yamauchi misses with his upkicks. Some good left hands end the round for Jenkins. It's a 10-9 that ties things up going into R3.

Round 3: A respectful tap of gloves opens our third and final round. Jenkins and Yamauchi trade kicks until Jenkins gets a takedown at 36 seconds. Yamauchi tries to peel him off from the bottom. Herzog quietly calls for more work. Yamauchi keeps trying to get his feet on Jenkins' hips and push him off. Herzog gives another activity warning at 2:08. Yamauchi gets him off for a moment and Jenkins jumps right back into guard. Yamauchi tries to circle his way to an armbar by pushing off the fence with his feet. Jenkins has two minutes left unless he gets caught. Yamauchi is going for it with all he has left. Jenkins pulls out at 3:38. Yamauchi keeps eating ground and pound from Jenkins as the round grinds on. This feels like a decision for Jenkins but the judges will decide. He hits one slam right before the bell.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28, 30-27, 29-27 all for Bubba Jenkins by unanimous decision.


Sirwan Kakai vs. Joe Taimanglo

Round 1: Taimanglo is 21-6-1, Kakai is 12-3. Black/gray trunks for Kakai out of Gothenburg, Sweden and red trunks for Taimanglo out of Chula Vista, California. Our referee is Kerry Hatley. Taimanglo's mohawk ponytail flaps in the breeze as he pushes toward Kakai with leg kicks and tries a jumping knee. Kakai is thus far unfazed. Kakai clips Taimanglo with a good right. He's throwing it with home run knockout intentions but Taimanglo drops him to a knee with a shot of his own. 2:50 gone. Kakai charges forward for a takedown but Taimanglo traps the head in an anaconda and Kakai tries desperately to break free. He gets back up and Taimanglo changes it to a guillotine. This would be the first time Kakai has been finished in a fight if he taps -- but he escapes and is on top with under a minute left. Both men scramble and Kakai gets a late takedown, laying in an elbow before R1 ends.

Round 2: No significant advantage gained in the first 90 seconds of R2. Kakai is pushing forward with his big right hand again. He lands it when Taimanglo lands a kick. A lot of the time they are just outside of each other's range. Taimanglo is pawing at Kakai with his right, not loading it up at all, just gauging the distance. Three minutes into the round and nobody has yet landed a decisive blow, combo, or takedown. The crowd at the WinStar World Casino is remarkably patient given how little is being accomplished right now. Taimanglo lands a few knees in clinch on the fence with short time and in a nothing round that may have made the difference.

Round 3: Kakai shoots and gets a takedown at 1:10 of R3 but he can't keep Taimanglo down. Taimanglo goes for his own then backs off at 1:39. Kakai shoots again and Taimanglo spins him around and around. Taimanglo is again looking for his own takedown but Kakai is just a little bit better at defending at this stage. He lands a solid right hand at 2:54 and shoots seconds later. Taimanglo is up after a few seconds. Kakai fires elbows to the head as Taimanglo again fails at a takedown attempt, and he misses with a spinning backfist on the break. Kakai is trying to accrue damage and score points with kicks in the last minute. Taimanglo shoots just to get a clinch against the fence and throw a few elbows. Kakai is happy to trade for a little bit. This one goes to the judges.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 X3 for Joe Taimanglo by unanimous decision.


Chris Jones vs. Ray Wood

Round 1: Wood is 5-1 out of Amarillo, Texas in the blue trunks. Jones is 10-3 out of Dallas, Texas in the black trunks. This fight is at a catchweight of 152 pounds. Kerry Hatley is our ref. Wood is throwing lots of leg kicks early and hurts Jones with a liver kick at 58 seconds and nearly flies out of the cage trying to follow up with a flying knee. He resets and they trade hands until Wood accidentally kicks Jones in the balls. That's exactly what Jones needed to recover. He's still getting attacked standing after the start though and has to push Wood into the fence. Wood breaks free at 2:45 and is kicking away. A spinning backfist right hand lands and Jones is down and out with under two minutes left.

Final result: Ray Wood by technical knockout at 3:10 of R1.


Steve Garcia vs. Ricky Turcios

Round 1: Tucios is in the yellow trunks out of Houston, Texas, 5-0 in his career. Garcia is in the black trunks out of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, 6-0 in his career. Our referee is Jason Herzog. Garcia is swinging for the fences right away and lands a knee until Turcios ties him up and puts his back to the cage. They break at 1:23 and Garcia immediately throws a front kick, and Turcios immediately drops levels. Garcia pushes free at 1:50 but eats a few jabs on his escape. Turcios goes for another single leg to shut down the kicks. He tries to tip Garcia off balance with no success and they reset. It's Turcios who gets single legged at 3:26 although he gets right up and shoots in again, getting Garcia to one knee for half a second. Garcia is throwing elbows as Turcios tries to tie him up to land knees. Garcia spins Turcios to the ground and goes for a rear naked choke as time expires. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2: Turcios gets a takedown off a Garcia kick but he pops back up seven seconds later. They trade knees against the cage. Garcia gets free at 1:14. Garcia executes a throw and almost gets full mount before Turcios scrambles to his feet. Turcios responds with a takedown of his own and after a triangle attempt Garcia closes his guard with Turcios trying to posture up to land some left elbows. Herzog shows no desire to stand them up. Mike Beltran would have issued 37 calls for WORK by this point. Garcia continues to flail away on the ground trying to escape but Turcios stays heavy. Garcia finally uses the fence to get back up for the final 30 seconds but can't land a good shot. 10-9 Turcios.

Round 3: Turcios lands a head kick and pushes Garcia into the fence again, tripping him to the ground at 35 seconds, Garcia standing right back up. He wastes no time looking to get Garcia down again. He gets another takedown at 1:50. Garcia again gets right back up. The key is Turcios is winning the dirty boxing against the fence by landing left hands and occasionally pulling down Garcia's head to land a knee. Another takedown and Garcia is back up at 3:02. Turcios tries to jump the back but doesn't get it. He gets Garcia to the ground at 3:30 as he goes for an armbar. Garcia tries a triangle and it's not there either. They stand and Turcios keeps pressuring Garcia. Garcia just can't shake Turcios off and he's eating damage as they trade at the bell. 29-28 to Turcios on my scorecard.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Garcia, 30-27 Turcios, 30-27 Turcios by split decision.


Justin Patterson vs. Chance Rencountre

Round 1: Both fighters are sporting black trunks tonight. Patterson has on the red gloves, Rencountre the blue. Recountre's record is 8-1 and he fights out of Chula Vista, CA. Patterson's record is 6-1 and he fights out of Haltom City, Texas. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta. Rencountre clinches up at 25 seconds but gains no advantage from it and they reset. Each man is trading punches but Rencountre's reach is allowing him to be more effective. Recountre clocks Patterson at 2:01. Another big right hook at 2:17. They tie up and Patterson lands on top after a throw, quickly moving to side control, and Patterson escapes to his knees then his feet at 2:55. Patterson is trying to push his way into range as Rencountre is comfortable answering with combos. 10-9 Rencountre.

Round 2: Rencountre is mixing kicks into his offense and Patterson is trying to respond in kind. Patterson has sensed an opening in Rencountre's offense and is trying to double up with his strikes. Nice left hook by Rencountre at 1:44. Rencountre goes for a single leg and Patterson slips out of the attempt at 2:00. Solid right hand by Rencountre. Patterson with a good combo at 2:44. Rencountre gets a takedown nine seconds later. He takes Patterson's back standing and tries hard to break his group as Patterson hammers on Rencountre's left leg with elbows. Patterson gets out of danger at 4:12. Some good standing strikes from both men before R2 ends. Patterson may have tagged Rencountre enough to win R2.

Round 3: Rencountre opens up immediately to start R2 and Patterson responds with kicks. The Bellator commentators are complaining that Rencountre leaves his hands low and brings them back too slow when he strikes. Patterson lands a right hand jab at 2:15 and Rencountre's mouthpiece is out. Rencountre continues to circle on the outside which makes Patterson look like the aggressor who has cage control. They trade hard shots at 3:20. Rencountre goes for a single leg and eats a spinning backfist at 4:13. Rencountre shoots with short time and gets stuffed. This should be a 29-28 Patterson.

Final result: The judges score the fight 29-28 Rencountre, 29-28 Patterson, 29-28 Patterson by split decision.


Roger Carroll vs. Neiman Gracie

Round 1: Gracie fights out of New York, NY in the black trunks at 3-0. Carroll fights out of Hickory, North Carolina in the red trunks at 16-13. Our referee is John McCarthy. Gloves are tapped and Carroll pushes into Gracie's range, but he muscles Carroll to the ground at 46 seconds. He goes for an inverted heel hook and Carroll tries to respond in kind, then tries to hammer his way out of it, and Gracie just lets it go and backs off as Carroll throws an upkick. Gracie is going from position to position but trying to soften Carroll up with punches as he does. Gracie takes the back with both hooks in and half the round to work. McCarthy warns Gracie about shots to the back of the head.Gracie takes a full mount briefly then pounds away from Carroll's back with 15 seconds left. A very solid 10-9 for Gracie.

Round 2: Carroll comes forward throwing kicks and he even tries to tie Gracie up for a takedown, but Gracie pushes him off the fence and again muscles him down to the ground landing in side control. In no time at all he has the back mount with both hooks in, with Carroll desperately trying to cover his head to avoid lefts and rights. Gracie fights to get an arm under Carroll's chin as his corner urges him to roll to his left. McCarthy gives another warning at 3:23 for shots to the back of the head. Everywhere Carroll tries to go Gracie is there to pound on him. He goes for an armbar with short time left in R2 but Carroll survives. 10-9 again.

Round 3: Gracie trips Carroll to the ground in just 20 seconds. He stands for a moment to try to land some hands then drops back into guard as McCarthy calls for work. Gracie is hunting for a submission from the back as he gets the hooks in one more time. Carroll is reminded to keep his fingers out of Gracie's gloves. Call for work at 2:25. This is a fight of "isn't" - Gracie isn't explosive enough to finish and Carroll isn't stupid enough to give him an opening. As a result we have a fight Gracie is dominating which by the fourth minute of R3 has become a very tedious affair. McCarthy calls for work with 40 seconds left and Gracie goes for a triangle armbar combo. Carroll escapes with 10 seconds to go and survives to the bell.

Final result: Roger Gracie wins a unanimous decision 30-26 and 30-27 X2.


Derek Palmer vs. Jermayne Barnes

Round 1: Barnes is 0-1 out of Miami, Florida in the black trunks. Palmer is 0-0 out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the red trunks. Dan Miragliotta is our ref. Palmer is trying to throw wild in his first pro fight. Barnes tries to pick him up for a takedown and Miragliotta has to slap Palmer's hand away as he grabs the fence - but Barnes gets what he wants. They reset and Barnes dumps him again at 1:35 right into side control. He puts knee on belly for a full mount, tries to take the back, but Palmer escapes and they reset at 2:20. Barnes is chasing Palmer down as he tries to turn away. It looks like exactly the kind of sloppy slugfest you'd expect from two guys with one pro fight between them. Barnes lands some knees at 3:50 and drags Palmer to the ground with gravity and time. Palmer goes for an armbar off his back but doesn't come close. 10-9 round for Barnes.

Round 2: Both men are huffing and puffing at the start of R2 and slow to get their mouthpieces in so they can answer the bell. Barnes gets another pro wrestling style slam as Palmer tries and fails badly to grab the neck for a guillotine. Barnes has a mount sitting on Palmer's side as we pass the one minute mark, he's throwing big right hands, and Palmer taps to strikes.

Final result: Jermayne Barnes wins via submission (strikes) at 1:17 of R2.


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