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Video: Tommy Dreamer thinks CM Punk should be an announcer if he never gets a UFC fight

One of the most violent and extreme wrestlers of all time, Tommy Dreamer, knows a thing or two about CM Punk. After all, as he recently revealed to "MMA Noise," he is the one that actually hired him on to WWE.

That said, Dreamer knows that type of commitment and dedication Punk -- real name Phil Brooks -- brings to any table he chooses to sit at, which is why he is confident the former pro wrestler will eventually succeed inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon.

If that debut fight never comes, however, Tommy says UFC should keep him on the payroll as an announcer because Punk has a way with words that will grab people's attention.

"C.M. Punk is one of those guys that will excel at anything he does. He gets so into what he's doing. He wrote a comic book. He was a big comic book kid, a big wrestling kid and he's a big MMA guy. Me personally, I thought it was a great move for UFC because if he puts a tweet out there, it's trending. He is pop culture. He hasn't had a fight in two years and we're still talking about him. Even if he never has a fight, I think CM Punk should be an announcer because you hand that guy a microphone and he gets people's attention. So, I think he should do that."

Punk was supposed to make his Octagon debut this spring against fellow UFC newcomer Mickey Gall.

However, Punk opted to correct his lingering back issues via surgery before taking the huge step forward in accepting his first-ever mixed martial arts (MMA) fight. Following a few months of rehab, he is expected to make his highly-anticpated ebut laterin 2016.

Should that not be the case -- ever -- do you want to see him working the mic for UFC?

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