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Stretch King! UFC's Nick Diaz shows off unreal flexibility (Video)

Nick Diaz is easily one of the most popular fighters in mixed martial arts (MMA) today.

His brash microphone skills, precision boxing, durable chin and intelligent offensive output makes him one of the most well-rounded fighters in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) today, whether at Welterweight or Middleweight.

But, despite his striking skills and raw toughness, the 32-year-old Stockton, Calif., native is even better on the ground. This recent video posted by showcases the flexibility needed to pull off some of the guard positions and submission attempts that the veteran has provided over the years.

It's a staggering feat to be able to bend like a ballerina, but Diaz seems to have it down pat. There are probably only a handful of fighters in UFC today who can stretch their limbs in such a manner.

Diaz is currently fulfilling his 18-month suspension from a failed drug test leading back to his bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 183, but will eligible to return to action this August.

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