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Renzo Gracie training Shane McMahon, insists WWE superstar 'in the best shape of his life'

Shane McMahon has been a student of Renzo Gracie for over eight years and is working with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt in preparation for his upcoming bout against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 on April 3, 2016.

Shane McMahon (right) with Renzo Gracie
Shane McMahon (right) with Renzo Gracie
Shane McMahon/Twitter

WrestleMania 32 takes place on April 3, 2016 at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, and the annual WWE blockbuster will feature a "Hell in a Cell" match between The Undertaker and Shane McMahon.

The 46-year-old son of WWE owner and chairman, Vince McMahon, returned recently after a six-year absence on "Monday Night Raw" in Detroit, Michigan. If "Shane-O-Mac" prevails at WrestleMania 32, he takes over control of the organization's flagship program.

McMahon was known as a crazy risk taker during his heyday and for being fearless and at times reckless in regards to his own safety, but he had to get back into shape before his return and upcoming match. It turns out he's been working with two martial artists who are well known throughout the world of MMA: Renzo Gracie and Phil Nurse.

Gracie was a guest on "The Countdown" recently on SiriusXM RUSH and he explained to hosts Michael Bisping and Luis J. Gomez that McMahon has been a student of his for years.

"In reality Shane trained with us for over eight years," said Gracie. "He's been training with us for a long time and then they moved for a few years and this period he had to be away for a few years and then he came back. And he is in the best shape of his life. I couldn't believe the shape that he is in. He's been training a lot of muay thai with Phil Nurse, who is the coach for Georges St. Pierre and a lot of other good guys and he is in really good shape for this match for the show that they are putting on in the Dallas arena."

"It's kind of interesting because he's training with you, he's training with Phil Nurse, but this is a professional wrestling match," Bisping argued. "Of course, I know it gets you in great shape, but he doesn't need to know the in depth intricacies of jiu-jitsu."

Gracie agreed with Bisping that it's not vital for professional wrestling, but said McMahon has an affinity for it and he hit the gym hard upon his return to get back into shape and he hasn't stopped. His love for the martial art, he says, has led to him progressing and learning and improving as a student.

"The thing is he loves jiu-jitsu," Gracie said. "He's been training for a while. He's been training before even thinking about doing a match like that because he was out for a while, he was a little chubby and all he did was come every day at six o' clock in the morning to the gym and roll. Train for like an hour, hour and a half. And now he is cut, extremely good shape and he is even enjoying more jiu-jitsu now, doing guards, doing shoulder locks, omniplatas, triangles, everything. Jiu-jitsu is addicting. Once you begin rolling with your friends and you start learning what you are doing, you don't want to stop."

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